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    Fisher Paykel WA37T26GW1 washer fault 51 - diverter valve question

    Hi All - I know this is a somewhat uncommon brand (at least here in the US) but I'm hoping someone might be able to offer some assistance on a problem I'm having with my Fisher Paykel WA37T26GW1 washer. A couple of weeks ago, my washer began stopping about 15 minutes in to the wash cycle. It...
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    RF135BDRUX4N Fisher & Paykel Fridge Water Dispenser Won't Stop

    Hi, the water dispenser on my fisher & paykel fridge (model RF135BDRUX4N) wouldn't stop dispensing water even when the front control board is not touched. The only way to shut off the water is turn off the water valve or disconnect the water filter. I unplugged the fridge and the same...
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    DD24SCTX7 Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawer issue

    Brand: Fisher & Paykel Model: DD24SCTX7 Product: 88627-A My dishwasher (dishdrawer) won't run. I'm pretty sure it thinks the drawer is open, and that's why it won't start.... When I open the drawer, it no longer (or rarely) plays a chime indicating I opened it. When i try to run a load and...