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    FIXED GE GSHF5KGXGCCC Water Dispenser starts fine and after one second the flow gets very weak

    Hi, The filter is new and I already tried the washer trick so it doesn't seem to be an issue with the filter head. The water line is 1/4 inch and is connected to the pipe with a needle valve. I'd like to troubleshoot this before buying the wrong part. Thanks!
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    FIXED KDTM404KPS0 leaking from the bottom, diverter valve seal or heating element issue?

    TLDR: Is there another bulletin that includes my serial number? My problem seems to match an existing service pointer but my serial number falls out of the range. Wanted to get some advice before I contact Kitchenaid tomorrow. TIA. Amateur Diagnosis: The dishwasher is about 2 years old, it...
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    FIXED GE Dishwasher GDT545PSJ2SS: intermittent loss of power to the door controls

    I have a GE dishwasher for which I replaced the main UI board almost 2 years ago. Now, the problem seems to have shifted: I had no lights/response from the buttons and the green service LED was blinking 1x per second. I powered off, removed the door, disconnected the wire harness, and re-powered...
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    Maytag MEDB765FW0 "check lint screen"

    This dryers "check lint screen" light remains on after cleaning the lint screen, the lint screen holder and exhausts. Are diagnostics test available? How do I run/start them? Anything other tips or recommendations are welcomed.
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    FIXED Freezer door alarm on a Maytag MFI2269VEM2 refrigerator after control board replacement

    Hello, I have a Maytag refrigerator (MFI2269VEM2) where I had to replace the W10213583D control board due to front panel failure. The panel was not working and the refrigerator was not cooling. After the replacement, everything worked except now the refrigerator has a constant door alarm. I...
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    FIXED MVWX655DW2 Maytag Bravos MCT washer Clothes Still Wet

    Noticed are clothes on all loads regardless of size or amount are still soaking wet. Even doing the Drain and Spin cycle changes nothing. The water seems to flow freely from the machine. However, I now notice that the machine does not spin nearly as fast as it used to when we first bought it...
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    FIXED GNE27JYMNFFS GE Refrigerator - Water Filter "ERR" message

    I see others on this forum are having this problem too but my fridge is a little different than others listed. We bought this (GNE27JYMNFFS) fridge from Best Buy in November of 2020. We noticed water wasn't coming out of the dispenser and we're getting an "ERR" message when I press the Filter...
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    FIXED Samsung Refrigerator RF25HMEDBSG/AA Freezing Food in Refrigerator

    My Samsung RF25HMEDBSG/AA refrigerator is freezing food in the refrigerator but the front panel reads 45 degrees. Thermometer placed inside reads 19F. My google searches & reading indicates that it is probably a bad temperature sensor. I pulled the temperature sensor clipped to the evaporator...
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    FIXED LG Washer WT1101CW OE error replaced pump

    Howdy, My LG washer WT1101CW was giving me the OE error code. I tried running just the spin cycle and never heard the pump kick on so I replaced the pump. After that I ran the a rinse and spin cycle without any laundry in it and I heard the pump kick in and the water drained as expected. Then I...
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    FIXED GUD24ESMJ0WW dryer won't stay on unless start button is held

    Hello, I have checked the door, start, and belt switches and they all work properly. I was wondering if it was the centrifugal switch but the dryer heats while it is running so I'm not sure. The mechanism itself is clean and moves with a little effort so it seems ok. Is it possible that the...
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    FIXED KitchenAid Refrigerator KFCS22EVMS7 fridge warm and freezer cold (fixed I think)

    Just wanted to leave a note here for others and thanks for the forum. Our KFCS22 series KFCS22EVMS7 (French doors with bottom freezer) was not cooling the fridge but the freezer was cold. I am pretty sure the problem is the damper - I pried open the air cover insert/grill and the damper was...
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    FIXED Bosch Cooktop PKE611D17E - Small h on plate indicator

    Hi, Recently purchased a Bosch pke611d17e and installed it, after one use it retains a small h on the plate indicators and am unsure what this is trying to tell me. After use it sets a capital H to indicate that its still hot, after leaving it without power overnight and turning it back on the...
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    FIXED GE Dishwasher GDT580SMF6ES not filling completely? water was flowing and spraying for maybe 30 seconds then the water stopped

    Hello, We opened our dishwasher and it was super hot inside to the point it melted some things. When I tried to start it again water was flowing and spraying for maybe 30 seconds then the water stopped and didn't seem to flow anymore. We rest the breaker with no change, I changed the water...
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    FIXED Frigidaire Refrigerator FGHB2866PF9A: Add Bottom Ice Maker?

    I know some of these Frigidaire french door fridges have two ice makers (one in the upper left, and one in the lower freezer). Is it possible to add an ice maker to the bottom freezer? (I did notice two holes [with plugs] in the bottom freezer's left wall.)
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    FYI: GE Dishwasher "error codes" are software version numbers

    Just a heads up. I have a GE DGT695SMJ0ES dishwasher that would not start. I put the dishwasher into Consumer Error Mode and had all the LED's flashing with 815 displayed on the control panel. According to the technical service manual, the number is the software version of the dishwasher. It is...
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    Kitchenaid Dishwasher KUDK03CTSS3 leaks after cycle (with video)

    During the cycle, everything is fine. After the cycle, it starts to leak near, what I think is the supply line. It stops if I turn off the supply. See below: edit again, here is an image, zoomed out for an idea of the location: I tried to put some Gorilla Glue putty/sealant on there to...
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    FIXED GE Dishwasher GDF610PGJ2WW unresponsive

    My GE dishwasher GDF610PGJ2WW is unresponsive. Control board green status LED continually flashes quickly (no pattern). A few months prior to this the dishwasher would come on as if the door had just been opened or closed. Replaced the control board a year or so ago. Might this be a door latch...
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    FIXED Kenmore Elite 665.14752N510 error cycle F8E4 not completing

    Hello. I'm hoping someone can give further guidance. Model is a Kenmore Elite 665.14752N510 made late 2016, early 2017. The dishwasher will run for 5-6 minutes then stop, no beeps, no lights, nothing, just stops. When opening, there is water in the tub, but hitting cancel and closing the door...
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    FIXED GE Dishwasher GDT655SSJ0SS tripping CSM after running 10-20min

    My issues are very similar to the others posted here, (Love this site and all the knowledge I was able to glean!) After 4 years of daily use, now in the middle of a load all lights die (CSM is tripped according to the bottom control board light) resetting csm by going into error mode shows error...
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    FIXED Frigidaire FFLE3911QW: Washer stopped working in the middle of load and does not drain

    I was washing a load of clothes and noticed that it was running a lot longer than usual. Upon investigation, I found that the machine was making a buzzing sound. I turned it off and opened the washer to find my clothes were still soaked. I tried to re-run another cycle and this time it filled...
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