1. josdesl

    FIXED GE Profile PFCS1RKZH Fridge leaking, condensation in freezer

    Hello, I noticed that once in a while (every 2 days) there is water pooling on the floor at the front of the fridge. I opened the bottom mount freezer and noticed that the freezer floor was frozen solid with about a half inch of ice. I broke all of the ice and removed it. I then noticed that at...
  2. E

    FIXED Kitchenaid Dishwasher KUDS01FLSS3 Heater Element

    Hello, I have a Kitchenaid dishwasher KUDS01FLSS3 with a broken heater element. I see that replacement part 8194200 - which itself was a replacement for a previous number with a new control board - is no longer available. Seeing as my element is round, not angled, I assume that my unit had...
  3. C

    FIXED GDF520PSJ2SS GE Dishwasher Door latch bad for second time?

    My GE dishwasher stopped running about two weeks ago. Typical close the door, hit start, beeps three times because it doesn’t sense the door is closed. Went and got a new door latch, installed, worked like a dream. Done, right? Nope. Today it is doing the same thing. Did all the normal...
  4. T

    FIXED DRSR495EG8WW GE Dryer doesnt shut off in auto mode

    I have a GE Dryer DRSR495EG8WW that has started to fail to shut off in auto/sensing mode. The timer moves and shuts off fine in timed mode, but the timer does not seem to move in auto mode. The dryer gets to normal heat and dries in normal time. Vent is clear. I was going to start with the...
  5. R

    FIXED Whirlpool dryer WGD5600SQ0 doesn't heat up in Automatic Dry mode

    Dryer doesn't heat up and timer remains as set in Automatic Dry mode. There seems to be occasional clicking, and the drum spins, but the dryer doesn't even get a little warm. Seems to work properly in Timed Dry mode -- though at the end after cool down the timer continues to click and doesn't...
  6. P

    FIXED KEMC377KSS05 KitchenAid Microwave Light Bulb Replacement

    Hello. I need to replace the light bulb on the microwave unit (this is a two-oven with electric convection oven on the bottom and microwave on top). The light bulb looks like a halogen with two pins. After some searching on various websites I came across a halogen light bulb part WPE10440740...
  7. I

    FIXED HELP! Whirlpool Dishwasher WDTA50SAHZ0 LEAKING AT DOOR

    Hey All, WHIRLPOOL DISHWASHER: WDTA50SAHZ0 I have exhausted everything I can think of, what am I missing? About 2 weeks ago the dishwasher started leaking at the corner of the door. I found a small break in the rubber gasket, so I replaced that...Still leaking... The Door seal on the bottom...
  8. T

    FIXED WRF993FIFM00 Whirlpool Refrigerator flooding from defrost water

    Four months after I purchased my French Door Refrigerator, the refer section filled up with water to the point that water would ran out onto the floor when the doors were opened. Naturally I assumed that the condensate drain was clogged. So, after I mopped up all of the water, disassembled the...
  9. T

    FIXED Bosch HIIP054U/05 overheats with E115

    Hi, I have a 3.5 year-old Bosch HIIP054U/05 Induction Slide-in Range on which the oven has stopped working with error code E115. I had a repair person come out and he replaced the Limiter-Temperature sensor above the over, which has failed in the past for me on this unit, but the unit still...
  10. G

    FIXED KDTE104DSS1 KitchenAid Dishwasher - wash motor not working

    Read enough treads to see you were going to point me at the wash motor replacement. I have the problems others mentioned - dishes not getting cleaned and soap not getting dissolved. I opened up the panel and ohm'd the fuses and also saw voltage at the board connection for the wash pump (was...
  11. D

    FIXED DMT800RHS/XAC Samsung Dishwasher - Draining/SE Error

    My dishwasher will run for about 20-30min and then display an SE error. I have deduced that this means there is an error with draining and that is evidenced by the water in the bottom of the dishwasher. I pulled the dishwasher out, unplugged it, and disconnected the drain hose. I took a part...
  12. J

    FIXED Whirlpool dishwasher WDT970SAHV0 won’t fill

    My dishwasher stopped filling with water. I’m trying really hard to repair it. I think I have overlapping problems. I need suggestions on what to try next. Whirlpool Model # WDT970SAHV0 What I did and what happened: Previously working 2-year-old dishwasher would now complete run, but with no...
  13. B

    FIXED E30EW85GPS1 Electrolux Icon double oven won’t maintain temp

    I have an E30EW85GPS1 double oven. The lower unit has not worked for a while. I just replaced the burnt out bake element. The over will preheat quickly but will not cycle back on after the element turns off. Please help. thanks Brad
  14. D

    YNED4655EW1 Amana Dryer Timer/starting issue

    I haven’t had the chance to do any troubleshooting yet because of life and work busyness, so please bare with me. Late last week I turned the dryer on in the morning to fluff up some towels and when I came home from work the dryer was still running. I turned it off and checked inside and it...
  15. H

    FIXED WDF320PADS1 Whirlpool Dishwasher 3 Service Diagnostic Errors after Repair

    Hello, Today I did a minor DIY repair on our 3 yr old Whirlpool DW and after I started it back up it didn't run at all like it last did. I ran the Service Diagnostic to check the code and found I didn't have a single one but three. Some background: A few weeks back, the little lady told me...
  16. G

    FIXED WDF530PLYB3 Whirlpool Dishwasher starts then stalls

    Whirlpool dishwasher starts and stalls after a couple minutes. Drains when cancelled. I ran the Service Diagnostics Code. The first error is 7-1: No Heat which doesn't make sense because the inside is hot when I open the door after cancelling (which means the heating element must be working)...
  17. S

    FIXED GLHS69EHSB0 water dispenser slow

    Hi, We bought a house in 2014 that had a GLHS69EHSB0 refrigerator with a water dispenser. It's out in the country, and while the water we have is very good, it's also very very hard water. The previous owners had the water supply for the fridge hooked into the unsoftened cold line. When we...
  18. C

    FIXED GE dryer won't turn off

    Hello, this is my first to the forum. I've been having issues with this dryer not drying properly and not shutting off. I have disassembled the dryer and thoroughly cleaned all the lint from from every passage, it was really bad. Put it back together and it dries quickly but will not shut...
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