flame goes out

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    Dryer heat not staying on

    Amana gas dryer would not heat. Igniter lights up, but no flame. Replaced the coils, now flame will burn once. The when the igniter starts again the flame will not come back on. What could the problem be now? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. B

    Kenmore Series 80 Dryer – Ignites at start-up, then runs for about 10 seconds, then flame goes out

    Have never had any prior issues with this dryer, only repair I ever needed to make was to replace a worn-out belt. The issue I’m having now is when you hit the start button the blower comes right on, you can hear the burner fire-up. The burner will continue to run for about 10 seconds then the...
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    Pilot lights then goes out when baking = gas leak. What's wrong with it?

    I'm not entirely sure how old this unit is. It was here when we bought the house so it may well be over 10 years old. Whirlpool Model SF315PEGW. I'll turn the oven on to bake and the pilot flame comes on (my husband checked it). The oven won't heat up. My husband looked and said the flame went...