flashing leds

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    FYI: GE Dishwasher "error codes" are software version numbers

    Just a heads up. I have a GE DGT695SMJ0ES dishwasher that would not start. I put the dishwasher into Consumer Error Mode and had all the LED's flashing with 815 displayed on the control panel. According to the technical service manual, the number is the software version of the dishwasher. It is...
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    LG Refrigerator LFXC22526D/04 not cooling

    I'm working on this refrigerator that had an altercation with a forklift. issue: the unit does not cool at all condition: has a good sized dent in the upper left front and lower right rear. otherwise it is in brand new condition. examining the unit so far, the components appear to be damage...
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    LFID2426TF2A Frigidaire dishwasher LEDs flashing, won’t run

    I have a Frigidaire dishwasher, model# LFID2426TF2A. The LED lights for “washing”, “clean” and “sanitized” are blinking continuously. All buttons are non-responsive. I found another thread on this forum about a dishwasher that had a button combination to reset this but it did nothing. The...
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    GDF570SSJ0SS - After power failure will not start cycle. Press start and get 3 beeps and flashing LED

    Had a storm come thru and knock out the power for 3 days. When starting dishwasher I now get 3 beeps and a flashing Start LED. When the door is shut and I hold the Start and Select Cycle for 10 seconds I get all leds flashing and then a solid Lock Controls LED. What do I try next?
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    Maytag gas dryer flashing leds

    Hi i have a maytag dryer gas when i power on control pad leds are flashing and chime will go to loudest setting turn dryer on any setting will start then shuts off after about ten seconds no codes come up would the control board be going bad? any help appreciated thanks