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    FIXED Freezer door alarm on a Maytag MFI2269VEM2 refrigerator after control board replacement

    Hello, I have a Maytag refrigerator (MFI2269VEM2) where I had to replace the W10213583D control board due to front panel failure. The panel was not working and the refrigerator was not cooling. After the replacement, everything worked except now the refrigerator has a constant door alarm. I...
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    FIXED 253.21421104 Kenmore Stand up freezer stopped freezing. Trying to identify if it is worth repairing.

    Sears Kenmore 13.8 upright. The kenmore forum looks pretty quiet, and I am seeing that Frigidaire is the OEM for this unit. (?) Stopped freezing. It was sudden. Worked perfect and then quit freezing altogether. Interior light works and unit sounds like it is on. Looks like there may be one of...
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    KitchenAid KRFF300ESS: Remove freezer drawers

    Might be an easy problem but I can't figure out how to remove the two drawers from my KitchenAid KRFF300ESS freezer. When I look on YouTube, there are various examples shown such as this one. However, all the examples I've found online are not the same as my freezer because the top drawer cannot...
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    GBS18KBMAWW GE Refrigerator Drain freezing after clean out

    Model GE GBS18KBMAWW Hello, After replacing a broken defrost element (non standard but compatible) and it was working great for a while until the drain started freezing up. I am flushed it with boiling water after thawing with hair dryer and it freezes up again. I took off the drain U bend and...
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    106.56822604 Kenmore freezer/ ice flap with spring. Help

    It seems like it would be fairly easy to repair but I can’t find the part. It’s in the upper left side of my side by side door Kenmore freezer. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    1950s Frigidaire Refrigerator help

    I have what I believe is a 50s Frigidaire. The model number on the back is an SS-77. It seems to be freezing everything . from what I've determined it's a thermostat. But I can't find any info on this unit. So I have no clue what year it is or where I can find parts. Nor can I find anyone else...
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    FIXED 253.28462801 Kenmore freezer turns off and on constantly

    I have a smaller Kenmore freestanding frost-free freezer with the deluxe controller. I bought it used two years ago and it has worked really well. A month ago my wife was reorganizing the freezer for about five minutes when the freezer started turning on and off constantly. The interior light...
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    Freezer not staying cold fridge OK

    I started having an issue where the Freezer will not stay cold. It will get down to about 3 degrees for about 5 - 10 minutes then warm up to around 20 degrees. It constantly is doing this cycle. I took the lower cover off the inside and found the upper part of the evap coils are caked with...

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