freezer drip

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    106.64269400 Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator dripping water from freezer

    I have a Kenmore Coldspot, Model # 106.64269400 that is intermittently dripping water into the refrigerator from the freezer. I know this has been discussed here previously and I have verified that the drain line is clear. I have run the entire length of it with a cleaning device and, when not...
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    LRFD25850TT Water dripping from freezer bottom, French doors with bottom freezer

    I'm new to this forum so forgive me if my post doesn't follow the norm. The problem: A sheet of ice has formed on the freezer floor. During the defrost cycle, it partially melts and drips out through the bottom of the drawer. I removed the freezer food basket and disposed of the ice. This...
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    Freezer on model GX5FHTXVQ04 leaking water

    Hi, Recently, in the past three weeks, I have been getting water build up at the bottom of the freezer, which freezes until it builds up towards the door, then starts leaking onto the floor. I do NOT have the ice machine hooked up, so that issue would not be a problem. What I do detect is that...
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    ZIS42NYB GE Freezer Drip and Ice from top of Freezer Compartment

    Problem now is leaking water from top of freezer compartment, left side, which is dripping and freezing over the Icemaker. Leak is also on right side of freezer compartment. History: After Capacitor was replaced (I'd like to know how that is done on this ZIS42NYB also as price seemed very high...