freezer not freezing

  1. T

    FIXED FRS24ZGEB2 Frigidaire Fridge & Freezer Compressor Runs on or Doesn't Start

    Manufactured 01-98. Every time it malfunctions my wife wants a new one! This website has never failed with the great recommendations that get 'r fixed: Thank you. Searched the threads and there a few similar problems but not quite described as what I am experiencing. First noticed the freezer...
  2. E

    253.5436340P Kenmore Refrigerator - Freezer now only getting to 15-20 degrees after failure last week?

    Model Kenmore 253.5436340P Last week out of nowhere, both sides failed and went warm. Took the panel off and the coil was completely frozen. Thawed it out and replaced the defrost thermometer. After running it a few days, the coil is no longer freezing up and only frosting the top row or two...
  3. S

    GSS25GSHBCSS GE Refrigerator - fridge side too cold, freezer too warm

    Hi guys, I have a 4yr old GE side-by-side that I'm about to give up on after many attempts of trying to fix it. The problem is that the freezer side won't go below 20 and the fridge side stays at 30 (checked with real thermometer) even though the temp is set to 0 for the freezer and 37 for the...
  4. A

    LSC26905SW - Front Door indicator lights (function display board) not working and Freezer not staying cold enough

    I have an LG LSC2605SW and the lights on the front aren't working. The only one that lights up is the freezer temp light but pressing the button won't make it move. The buttons will still make a dinging sound when you press them. The freezer can't keep anything frozen and there is frost on the...
  5. M

    Frigidaire GLRS267ZDB2 freezer won’t get below 34 F

    in closed 2 pics, one of model #sticker and other of evaporator coil. S/S freezer won’t get below 34 F. Checked thermostats seem good. Condenser coils are clean, both condenser fan and evaporator fan are running compressor warm and “humming” to touch all three pins show continuity. Run capacitor...
  6. MFMauceri

    Sub-Zero Defrost Cycle / Freezer Not Freezing Issue

    I am troubleshooting my Sub-Zero 661 and before calling in authorized Tech (that is at least $1000), I'm trying to isolate the problem here. Unit had varying temperatures in Freezer. Some parts normal, some areas not getting cold (door compartments). Found evaporator fan/blade hindered by ice...
  7. B

    SXD25S2W Amana side x side freezer not staying cold enough

    22 year old side by side, and the freezer isnt getting colder than hi 20's. I cleaned the coils, and everything seems to be working. I turned it off for a day to make sure it wasn't frozen up, and all i noticed was a lot of water dripping out of the freezer door? When I shoot it with a temp gun...
  8. R

    106.58909800 Kenmore side by side freezer and fridge not getting cold

    I'm assuming the part that defrosts the freezer coils isn't working!
  9. O

    GB2SHDXTS01 Whirlpool bottom freezer refrigerator is cold but not freezing food

    Hello , i am new here and was hoping to get assistance on my single top door Whirlpool GB2SHDXTS01 bottom freezer refrigerator. The freezer gets cold but does not freeze food. It was working before we switched off the refrigerator to clean the refrigerator. After turning it back on, the...
  10. C

    Clicking from top of fridge, freezer not cooling.

    I got this fridge in 2013 from Lowes. About 6 months ago, my wife started noting that the freezer didn't seem as cold as usual. About 2 months ago, things in the fridge started freezing and the freezer was thawing. I observed that the evaporator fan was not running so I replaced this. The...
  11. M

    Freezer will not go below 20* Help

    So freezer door was left open over night and you guessed it; the the coils froze up. I took it apart and heated on medium with a blow dryer; things seemed to be working good; but now I see that it is on the high setting and the temp will not go below 20*. I have seen some slight build up of...
  12. W

    Freezer too warm in Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator

    I am starting my first refrigerator diagnostics adventure. *Yeah me... I have a 23' Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator (model 596 58392 890 - about 10 years old). Recently, the food in the freezer has shown softness. * Putting thermometers in the freezer shows it is not cold enough - the...
  13. R

    Freezer starts then stops after 15 seconds

    Our simple (no automatic defrost) upright 15-year-old Frigidaire freezer in the garage worked perfectly until the past weekend. I noticed that it would click and start, run for about 15 seconds, then stop. This cycle would begin again after a few minutes and it never ran longer than 10 to 15...
  14. H

    GE Artica Refrigerator - Freezer not cold enough/ice on part of back panel. Refrigerator side ok.

    We have a GE Artica side by side refrigerator that is 11 years old. The freezer is cool but not cold. The refrigerator section seems like it is ok. Some of the food was frozen but some was thawed out. I removed all the food and now the back panel is half way covered in a thick frost. There is...
  15. J

    Ice on freezer line

    freezer stopped producing ice and freezer was warmer than should be. fully cleaned dust from below fridge / freezer than saw big block of ice around freezer line. i thawed that out but the next morning there was now a small amount of ice on same line, see pic. should there be any ice?
  16. T

    Whirlpool side by side freezer cool but not freezing

    Our side by side Whirlpool fridge is cooling down to about 30 F in the freezer side, and about 45 - 50 F the refrigerator side. The unit is about 2-2.5 years old. This temperature has been rising slowly over the past 3 months or so. Compressor is running hot - too hot to keep hand on. I changed...
  17. H

    Samsung side by side refrigerator not freezing, but fridge side works.

    I own a 2009 Samsung RSG257AARS side by side refrigerator. It stopped freezing food while the fridge side is still cooling. Freezer's temp is higher than the fridge side - is this even possible? I thought the cold air from the freezer cools the fridge part. I tried unplugging the...
  18. T

    Freezer Cold (not freezing) Fridge is cool (warmer than freezer).

    Symptoms started with ice maker slowing down. Now the freezer has stopped freezing but is cool. 1) I vacuumed and blew the excessive dust (more than anyone has ever seen before - already contacted Guinness). 2) I removed the back of the cover inside the freezer and it looked like the pic posted...
  19. B

    FIXED SubZero 550 Freezer won't come on

    The freezer on our subzero keeps getting stuck off. If I check voltage across the thermostat wires at the defrost timer, I get around 3 to 6 volts, if that means anything. When I unplug wires from the thermostat to test, I get the full 120, and once I plug it back in, everything's fine...
  20. ohsheila

    FIXED Frost-free freezer not freezing (again!) and frost inside of freezer??

    In May 2011, I replaced the fan inside of my freezer with a little help from you guys (thank you!!!) ... It appears that the problem is occurring AGAIN! It's a side-by-side refrigerator ...