freezer quit

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    Igloo freezer stops working for a couple days and starts again.

    I have an Igloo freezer model number FRF690B that works fine for a week or two and then will just quit working for a couple days and then suddenly start working again. Even when its not working I can hear the compressor or something running but it's just not cooling. The power source is good...
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    Maytag freezer fan not running after changing defrost timer

    Through the help of this forum, I recently diagnosed that my maytag side-by-side fridge had a problem with the adaptive defrost timer. The frost kept building up within a week and we had to manually defrost it. Recently, I order a replacement, and replaced the adaptive defrost timer...
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    Fridge and freezer not cooling

    Hi, I have a Kenmore SxS refrigerator model #106.44329400. bought it 10/05. It stopped cooling on both the freezer and refrigerator. I read some of the other posts in here and I think I've narrowed it down to the Compressor Electric Control Unit but still am not certain and don't want to throw...
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    Startup device

    Installed a startup device for my KSRS25IH today. Followed the advice found here when my freezer quit this weekend. Good thing it was 0 degrees outside! We put all the food in the garage since it stayed below freezing. My replacement part came in 3 pieces to assemble.... 2 parts were the...