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    IR-90P Frigidaire parts info

    Hello all, I recently picked up a Frigidaire fridge/freezer. Back of unit says IR-90P, having trouble finding a manual or info around trying to find parts, the freezer door is all taped up and would like to replace if I could for starters. Any help or direction to start would be appreciated.
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    KitchenAid Refrigerator [KRMF706ESS00] - noticed ice sheet in bottom of freezer, part frozen

    a few months back I started noticing water leaking out from the bottom freezer on occasion. I would take the bottom freezer drawer out and discover a thick ice sheet. After chipping it away the water would stop leaking for a spell then start back up again. So today I decided to tear it down and...
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    Kenmore Upright Freezer 253.22742410 ice buildup on bottom

    Hi there! We noticed ice building up on the bottom of our Kenmore upright freezer model 253.22742410 (manufactured 4-16) for a few months. Seals are good. We defrosted it completely twice, there are no clogs, but the ice will build up again near the bottom back in a strip leading to the drain...
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    Frigidaire digital display saying HI alarm,freezer not working but fridge does

    I have a frigidaire model: GRFS2853AF0 thats about 1.5yrs old. We lost power and when it came back on the freezer stopped working and digital display would alarm HI. Now the display will go into alarm and both temps for freezer and fridge will say HI but the fridge still stays running and cold...
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    Basic Explanation - Sealed System

    Hey all, I posted a specific question in the Samsun forum but I had a more generic question: how is it that a fridge/freezer can have one sealed system that supports the function of both features but, when it breaks, one one function stops working? For example: my fridge works fine but my...
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    RF27M8070 Freezer Not Working, Fridge and Icemaker Fine

    Hi there, I have a Samsung RF27M8070 French Door with Freezer Drawer model that has a strange issue. The Freezer says it's at -5F but an analog thermometer shows it's really just at the Fridge temp (38F). The fridge and ice maker work totally fine, though. Some steps I've tried: * I...
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    GE Cafe Refrigerator - Freezer Not Cold Enough

    All started with a recent heatwave that has since passed but freezer temp still not getting down far enough. The lowest I’ve seen it over the last week is 24*F. Unplugged the unit and plugged back in. Ram some diagnostics and came back with the following:
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    Thermador Freezer not making ice

    My client has a newer Thermador Refrigerator model T36BT920NS/19 It is just out of warranty and Thermador does not want to help. During the warranty period they sent a repairman out to replace a part to make the ice-maker work again. They did this twice, each time the part lasted exactly one...
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    Frigidaire Standing freezer LFFU14F5HWS Door open 2 hrs = No longer working

    This past weekend one of my kids was checking ice pops (were they done yet?!?!?!) and left the door open for about 2 hrs a crack. The beeping/warning alerted us. Closed the door - checked back in 30 and found the temperature kept rising and blowing not cold air from the top. Took everything...
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    Ice maker Cycle Stops-IRS335SDHM00

    The ice maker on my freezer seems to be getting stuck mid cycle. It will freeze the ice and not drop it consistently. If I use a jump wire to manually start the cycle the ice will drop no problem and then it will refill and freeze and fail to drop again. Any idea what might be causing this?
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    WRF736SDAM13 Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator Tripping Breaker

    I have a Whirlpool French Door Fridge WRF736SDAM13 that has started tripping the breaker. Sometimes it’s every few hours, sometimes after 12 hours. Much googling led me to believe it had to do with the defroster and threads here for the same model (answered by Jake) provided the service manual...
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    596.73503201 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Coils Freezing Over Every 2 Weeks

    Need some help. Have a Kenmore Elite, Model Number 596.73503201. About every 2 weeks the coils in the freezer ice over. This has been going on for about 10 months now. Once I defrost the unit, it works great. Originally I thought it was the Smart Seal between the doors causing the issue as one...
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    WZF34X18DW01 Whirlpool Refrigerator compressor pipe freezing over. No ice on coils

    Freezer had stopped freezing and was running around 45 degrees. Took all food out and took evaporator shield off to find the upper left corner was a complete block of ice. There was no ice on the evaporator. Let sit for a day and dried inside. Plugged it back in and the ice is already reforming...
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    795.74405910 Kenmore Elite Ice Maker Freezing over

    Hello, I recently changed the water filter and the ice maker started to freeze over. These images show some freezing that happened about an hour after I chipped off a huge amount of ice that built up in the hole that leads to the dispenser on the outside. It seems there is a leak inside. Not...
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    WRF736SDAM13 Whirlpool Refrig, Freezer / Icemaker Pt 2

    I am experiencing the same symptoms as I had previously ( however, when I get to the Bi-Metal test 6, I get a code of 01, and the heater is heating a frosty freezer. What would...
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    795.51833.412 Kenmore refrigerator stops working when freezer door is open.

    OK so our Kenmore refrigerator quit cooling all of a sudden. after checking everything I found that it quits working ONLY when the freezer door is closed. If I open the freezer door the fans come on and it blows cold air. I used a magnet to trip the door light with the freezer door open and...
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    FIXED LG LMXS30776S/01 evaporator fan motor

    Hello everyone, I have an LG LMXS30776S/01 fridge. I have been getting error code FF which indicates frost buildup. I removed the bottom freezer panel and removed some ice and left the freezer unplugged for about a day, but the error came back soon after it started cooling again. I tested the...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WSF26C3EXF01 issues

    helped a friend look at their freezer last night.... from what I can tell there are 2 issues I could use pointers on.... 1 - Ice maker makes ice but doesn't dispense. I took a few things apart looking - once the ice maker is empty and out of the door - the auger (inside the ice bucket spins...
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    WRF757SDEM01 thermistor in freezer

    A few questions. Freezer set to zero Fahrenheit but never quite gets there. Also having some issues with the coil freezing up. Might this cause that? Resistance is 8130 ohms at 32 Fahrenheit. I can't seem to get a concrete number of what this should be. The diagnostic (service test 1) returned...
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    ZISS480DXASS GE Monogram - Freezer varies from 2-15 degrees regularly.

    Hello members, Hope you're all doing great. I've got a ZISS480DXASS GE monogram side by side. Freezer works and is cold but it varies in temperature in 3-5 day cycles. Today's at 2 degrees and 3 days down it'll be at 14. Couple of days later down to 5, and so on. Fridge maintains the correct and...

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