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    water leaking from Freezer

    I am considering buying a GE Model TSX20JRXFWW side by side regrigerator from a lady from our church. (GE Refrigerator w/ in door ice/water) She said that once in a while it leaks some water from the freezer. She said they put down a towel and clean it up when this happens. What are the...
  2. H

    Kenmore SxS freezer working but not cold enough

    Hi Jake, I want to start off by saying you have a wonderful site. Thanks for providing such a great service. Now onto my problem, I have a kenmore Coldspot 106.54546400 and the freezer gets down to 28 degrees on top shelf but not colder. I am not sure if I should try the relay - because then...
  3. L

    [FIXED] KENMORE 106.57572791 Remove Freezer-Dispenser Trim

    Hello, Jake and others: I need to remove the ice/water-dispenser trim (the part that protrudes from the freezer door and has the control panel inlaid) from my Kenmore Coldspot M# 106.57572791 to replace the ice-dispenser door. It looks like it could snap off if the right pressure were applied...
  4. J

    ED5NHGXMQ00 - Ice Collecting in Refrigerator & Freezer

    Hello. I am requesting assistance for the following two issues: 1. Frequently, I need to clear the ice that forms in a vent that is on the left wall and two-thirds down from the top. I have found that when the ice forms in this area, the refrigerator does not remain cool. Once cleaned, the...
  5. A

    Kenmore model #106.7426-refrigerator not cooling

    I think we have narrowed down the problem already, but another opinion never hurts. The freezer is full of ice, not defrosting (the kids say it is snowing every time the door is open). The refrigerator is not cold, cool at best (haven't checked the actual temp). We have had problems with this...
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    GE Profile Performance, Model #TDC18PAABRBS

    Hi Folks, First time poster to ApplianceBlog. I'm excited to see what I can learn here... I'm a neophyte to repairing fridges so please keep that in mind with any feedback. We have a GE Profile Performance series refrigerator that is leaking water. It is a 2 compartment fridge, fridge on top...
  7. J

    Freezer flooded and now ice maker not working

    Last week I put groceries in my freezer and went upstairs. About 30 minutes later I came back down to find a large puddle in front of my freezer ( I have a side by side Conquest GS6SHA). I then opened the freezer door to have water come gushing out at me. The entire freezer looked like someone...
  8. H

    kenmore 253-9237383 and GFI tripping

    I have a kenmore model 253-9237383 upright freezer, and it is keeping things frozen when its running, problem is it keeps popping the GFI breaker on the outlet its on. I can reset the outlet, and it works fine for a day or 2. I defrosted it on friday, and it worked fine until today, when the...
  9. B

    et20nkxzw00 refrigerator/freezer not cold enough

    Our fridge/freezer is no longer getting cold enough. I have recently read some threads on cleaning the dust from the coils so I used a vacume to clean them and behind the back lower panel that I removed. Their is a fan that is running down on the back lower side and to the left of that is a...

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