freezing up

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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRX988SIBM03 Crisper Drawer Freezing

    Whirlpool 26 cu ft, Model WRX988SIBM03, S/N K64401514 The vents/coils in the back of our middle drawer (crisper, vegetables, etc) keep freezing over to the point you can’t even see it. And this is as defrosted as I can get it…you can see there’s still ice especially on the coils. I have...
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    FIXED Kitchenaid KUIC15NRTS0 Under Counter Ice Maker freezing up

    Hi, hoping somebody has had this issue and can help. I had to change the recirculation pump. Started making horrible noise. After changing, the ice maker made a few loads of ice than quit. When I checked it, it was frozen up. The fill line had an icicle hanging from it and there was ice in...
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    RF28HFEDTSR Top ice maker dispenser has started collecting water

    The top ice maker in our Samsung fridge has started to have a small amount of water buildup in the ice dispenser. You notice it when you try to get ice (preceded by a small amount of water coming out - but not being squirted out by the water dispenser), or when you notice it dripping from the...
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    GFSF6KKXABB GE French Door Refrigerator - Temps in freezer will not keep things frozen

    First it started off that the fridge had water underneath the pull out drawers. Did a google search and found out the drain in the fridge section was stopped up. I took cover off the in the back (inside fridge) and it was frozen up, got it all thawed out and made sure drain was open. Everything...
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    587.15142401 Dishwasher 'hangs up' mid cycle and just advancing to next cycle

    Hello, my Kenmore Quietguard Standard is hanging up in the middle of the wash cycle. The initial water fill and rinse works fine (verified by opening the door and watching water spray everywhere.) At the point in the cycle where the soap dispenser opens (mid cycle), the soap door opens, there...