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    FPRU19F8RFF Over cooling top and coil freezing

    I noticed that my refrigerator which is a single unit (All Refrigerator by Frigidaire) was over-cooling, it was not cycling or turning off it seemed like it was always running and things were freezing - I also put a thermometer in the refrigerator and it would read low 30s and ever 28° at one...
  2. C

    FIXED MFI2569VEM1 Fridge Freezing/Ice Maker not getting water

    I have a Maytag MFI2669VEM1 refrigerator. The issue I'm having is the refrigerator is freezing up and the ice maker was not producing ice. Looking online I found that if the ice maker is turned on but water is not connected (my water is connected) to the fridge it would cause a similar issue...
  3. M

    Electrolux French door fridge freezing

    Fridge is freezing food and ice not maker in freezer not making ice. Followed previous instructions to drop fridge to 4 hold the -/+ down I have done that and the fridge temp is displaying F and the freezer temp is displaying D. Fridge is now showing 6 and freezer showing 15
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    1952 GM Frigidaire SR-60 Refrigerator Thermostat (Cold Control) Freezing

    Here's my story on my refrigerator. I think I have it fixed for now but please comment as the hive knowledge has been very helpful. I am an automotive guy with A/C knowledge in that world. Some of it crossed over and some does not. I picked this refrigerator up 7 or 8 years ago from...
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    1947 GE Refrigerator Freezing Everything - Project

    My 93 year old grandmother has not been using this refrigerator for many years and it was filling up her garage. Growing up I saw it in my grandparents house and I always dreamed of having it one day. My grandparents bought it new the year they were married in 1947; it was their first purchase...
  6. J

    FIXED Samsung RF263BEAESR Refrigerator Freezing Food

    So this has been happening for about a week. I have ordered and changed the thermostat in the back of the refrigerator: On the touch...
  7. T

    Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA temperature sensor replacement

    Hi, I’ve read thru the threads on my particular unit, and I’ve order the parts but I’m not sure how to replace them. Backstory: my unit is freezing all the food, there is a frost spot on the back of the fridge. I ordered the temperature sensor because of Jacks suggestion. After opening the...
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    Food in Refrigerator is Freezing

    Hi - I have a GE Arctica Profile Refrigerator that is freezing on the refrigerator side, irrespective of the thermostat setting. Would you please give me some guidance on what to check for, before I order replacement parts. Thank you. Jay
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    GE Side by side refrigerator freezing up

    I have a GE side by side refrigerator and a sheet of fuzzy ice will form on the back wall of the freezer. When this happens very slowly the temperature in freezer goes up and eventually the fridge side will get warm. We can unplug it for 24 hours and have a ton of water and plug it back in and...
  10. B

    Fridge and Freezer not maintaining temperature

    Hi, I have a Samsung fridge model # RB1855SL When the fridge and freezer gets to the correct temp it will not maintain. When I unplug it it will read a higher temp and compressor will kick on and cool fridge and freezer. I have replaced the main control board located in the back where the...
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    foods freezing in refrigerator

    Amana french door with ice maker (like the Maytag Ice2o). The temp was set to -2(freezer) and 40(refrigerator) since purchased in 2007. Now food starting to freeze on top middle shelf and in the vegetable drawer. I measured the temp in the drawer and it was at 32. I turned both temps to off...
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    Frigidaire FRS26H5ASB8 side-by-side keeps freezing food

    I like cold cuts as much as the next guy, but there is a limit to how COLD I like the cold cuts. When I have to chip off pieces of ham to make a sammy then things have gone too far. In other posts I saw there is a kit available for approx $200 that can fix this in other models. Does anyone...
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    FIXED Freezing Mystery

    Sorry for the lengthy story, but I'd rather give too much information than to little to help any experts around here to diagnose and help! My Story: So I have a spare fridge that is in my back room used to keep wine and beer in mostly. It broke a while back and I had to replace the control...
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