french door bottom freezer

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    GFE28HMHEES GE Water Dispenser and Ice Dispenser not working

    Last night, all of a sudden the water dispenser, ice dispenser and bottom freezer light stopped working. When i have water selected on the display and push the button to dispense water, the light comes on but nothing else happens. Same thing if I have it set to crushed or cubed ice...only the...
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    LMXS30776S LG refrigerator fan not coming on

    LMXS30776S ASTCNA0 Error rF Refrigerator fan will not come on and cool fresh food area. Freezer works as expected. Evaporator in refrigerator works and has frost a few hours after unit is plugged in. Refrigerator fan, refrigerator temperature sensor, freezer fan, freezer temperature sensor...
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    GE Refrigerator GNE25JMKGFES Evap coil iced up, can't verify Evap thermistor at main board

    Hello everyone! I have a 2 year old GE GNE25JMKGFES French Door style unit. We just moved in so I unfortunately don't have any history on it. The freezer/evap fan started getting louder than normal (and seemed to run constantly), it then started speed changing/pulsing every few seconds (between...
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    Kenmore Refrigerator 253.70313214 ice maker issues

    We saw some very helpful responses on here so figured we'd give it a shot with our issue. We have a Kenmore french door bottom freezer it came with the house and looks like it's from 2013. First we had an error code SY EF and the fridge and freezer weren't getting to temp. We had a horrible...
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    FIXED Samsung RFG293HARS French Door - Freezer not holding at set temp.

    7 years old Samsung. Cant get Freezer to hold at 0/-2/-4 but for for a few minutes Will cool to this temp but then move up to 25 degrees, assuming in defrost mode, before dropping to single digits. If I set freezer temp to -8, may get to -4 with a poer freeze and then climb. Seems to hover...
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    FIXED GE PFS22SBSBSS Refer won't stay cold, freezer does

    Starting a month ago, the fridge portion won't stay cold, but the freezer does. I replaced the main control board, same problem. Changed the thermosistor in the refer, same problem. Changed the compressor overload relay starter, and it fired. 2 weeks later, the fridge is at 60 and the...