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    GX5SHDXVD01 Whirlpool gold French door bottom freezer not defrosting - control board?

    Problem: My freezer continues to build up ice as seen through the louvers in the back panel. History: I had to remove this panel once already, as the entire evap core was a solid block of ice, and the fridge part had risen to about 55F one day. I found the tech sheet for this fridge and went...
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    AFD2535FES Freon Leak - New compressor and evaporator.

    I need to access the refrigerant lines on this French Door refrigerator. Repair companies will not repair. I have been told the R134a lines are not accessible by convenient means. The compressor, evaporator, water pump, and ice maker are all one year or less old. I am willing to cut into a side...
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    LMXS30776S LG 4-Door refrigerator not cooling below 50 degrees

    The issue I'm having with this refrigerator is that is doesn't go below 50 degrees on the refrigerator part. The freezer part also doesn't go below 37 degrees. I have checked all of the fans and they are working fine. I put the PCB in test mode and its also working fine. Any suggestions on what...
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    MFF2258VEM Maytag french door - wire plug pulled off, need help with which wire goes where

    This is a unique one - while removing the left french door of my fridge it slipped, and some wires pulled out of its plug... There is a wire (with blue and white, and green wires) with the blue and white wires ending in a plug, and the green going to a screw (ground). The plug plugs into a...
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    EW23BC71IS0 Electrolux French Door was not cooling properly; replaced Display Board 5303918588

    We had the same problem as the link to the thread below I found earlier this year. (Our display was also messed up so we ordered the User Control and Display Board 5303918588 which included the Board-Switch 5303918507 from Repair Clinic; their item #2220797. FIXED: EW23BC71IS0 Electrolux...
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    Should I buy this fridge?

    I know you guys are anti-Samsung but hear me out. We are redoing our kitchen and I want to buy a stainless steel french door fridge because, well, who doesn't? Problem being I don't want to drop $1200-3000 for a new one. Cue me browsing Facebook marketplace and stumbling on one for sale...
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    DFE28JMHBES GE French door adjustment -- center post not engaging

    My GE French Door Refrigerator has a center post mechanism attached to the left door. It folds back when the door is open, and extends out when the door is shut. It is what allows the doors to be shut in either order but still not have a center post in the way when you are getting the food...
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    MFX2876DRM00 Could I have a closed system failure?

    Hello all. I have the above French door model maytag. This weekend it stopped making ice. Today while troubleshooting I noticed that neither the Fridge nor Freezer compartment are cooling as they should. I ordered the tech manual and have ran through several tests and a manual defrost. No luck...
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    I replaced my Kenmore refrigerator ice maker assembly, but now ice isn't being made.

    I replaced my ice maker assembly after I found that the plastic ice tray inside the assembly was cracked, and water was leaking into the dispenser and freezing there. Now the new unit is not making ice and I was wondering if there was a way that I had to activate the ice maker so it would start...
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    French door wall oven circa 1957 Looking for information

    I'm looking for anyone that has the same french door wall oven (circa 1957) we have. I have some questions.
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    RF263BEAESR Samsung French door hinge problem

    Hi All, I have a problem with the hinge on my Samsung french door freezer. The hinge is not staying in the closed position when the door is open so when closing both doors I have to close the left door first or the hinge collides with the right hand door. I have seen a video of a spring...
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    GE French door freezer cold fridge not

    Have researched already and have some idea. Freezer is 0 or -2. Fridge is 55-65. Fan in bottom back runs. Fan in back of freeze runs. When I opened back water was melted in left side tube but none in right side tube Air does not seem to be making it up to the fridge. I took the back off the...
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    795.72043313 Kenmore Elite french door ER IF code

    We are getting the ER IF code, even after unplugging. Many threads suggest checking and/or replacing the ice maker fan. Where is this fan located? Is it still behind the back freezer panel when the ice maker is on the left refrigerator door? Thanks, Regina
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    FIXED Maytag French Door Ice Maker at 15 degrees and not making ice.

    The ice maker stopped making ice. I pulled out the ice maker and it was just a solid chunk of ice. Like it all melted and then refroze again. Then it didn't make any more ice. About a week later it was filling with water and I thought it was fixed but the next day there was water in front of the...
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    KFXS25RYMS5 Kitchenaid Refrigerator - Ice Maker Problems

    So here is my problem. I changed the water filter on my fridge as well as changed the filters on my reverse Osmosis system. Everything worked fine before the change. The only other thing that happened was I changed the faucet on the sink so the system was shut off for a few days. The fridge...
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    Whirlpool French Door, left door vertical hinge seal adjustment needed

    The vertical seal on the left french door has three grommets that attach the seal to the door. The top grommet has snapped out of place and I can't figure out how to remove and re-install it properly so that all 3 grommets are attached properly. Does anyone know how to adjust this?
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    GE Profile Refrigerator - How to Triage Coolling problems for Fridge and Freezer

    Hello all- I have had this GE profile (French doors with freezer on the bottom) refrigerator since 2007, pretty much without any issues. Then one morning few days ago, temperatures for both compartments started to rise, ultimately settling at 47 degrees. We have a tendency of dumping stuff...
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    Whirlpool Gold French Door Fridge warm/not cooling - Freezer fine

    In a previous post I had issues with this fridge pooling water in the freezer section which was caused by the plugged defrost drain and a huge build up of frost. After this was fixed the freezer and fridge ran fine for a week, however now the fridge portion doesn't appear to be cooling...
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    Maytag French Door Fridge--vertical mullion not being properly received into pivot block!

    I'm a vaguely handy guy--but I need some help on this one to kludge something that'll fix this issue. The vertical mullion unit (item #10 on this page for reference ) strikes very low on the pivot block (item #13--same page). Because of this, the left hand door is very difficult to close. I...
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    Maytag French Door Icemaker, maker is working but not dispensing

    I have a maytag french door refrigerator. The icemaker makes ice just fine but will not dispense it out the door. I have checked all the obvious things ie jammed cubes, not being pushed in all the way. It seems that the mechanism in the mack of the fridge that turns the little arm inside the...