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    GE refrigerator Model PFSS5PJYASS refrigerator warm freezer cold.

    So my refrigerator stopped working about a month ago. I initially changed out the temp sensor with an amazon unit. That was a mistake as it was indicating the wrong temperature. I then found that the evaporator fan motor had a broken wire. Ordered a new fan OE GE and installed. The problem...
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    106.51139214 Kenmore side by side not cold on fridge

    Hey, I’m definitely no expert on refrigerators and have never really been too clever when it came to appliances but i thought i’d give it a go on here before i brought someone in to repair it, I’ve got a kenmore side by side model number is 106 and the issue started yesterday. the freezer has...
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    FIXED GE Profile Fridge PWE23KMDDES Fridge Not Cooling, Freezer OK, Z1 Blinking Light on Control Board

    Hello, Our PWE23KMMDES GE Profile Energy Star French Door fridge has not been working properly for weeks. The defroster is not working correctly and ice/frost builds up on the evaporator coils in the back of the fridge panel. The fridge will go up to 60 degrees but freezer is fine. We have been...
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    FIXED GE Refrigerator TFX30PRYE warm fridge / freezer ok

    Hi All, I know you see this question a lot, but I'm stumped and could really use some guidance... Here's the facts: Freezer easily maintains -10deg Fridge hovers just around 40deg (on the coldest setting) Condenser fan ok Evaporator fan ok Evaporator Coils - no ice build-up Defrost heater -...
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    FRTC035GM Frigidaire mini fridge/freezer: freezer working fine; fridge not getting cool enough

    I inherited a Frigidaire mini fridge/freezer (2 doors, separate compartment for freezer). The freezer section gets very cold (0 degrees), but the refrigerator only gets down to about 50. I'm trying to troubleshoot, but I can't even find screws to get any panels off in order to check coils or...
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    PFE29PSDASS GE PROFILE Refrigerator warm (64 degrees), freezer is working fine

    Hi... The refrigerator part is not working properly. It is warm. The read out says 64 degrees. The freezer part is fine and is at 0 degrees. I can hear it running. I did the service test 00-49. Not really sure what that was supposed to detect. I vacuumed all the dust from the condensor. I don't...
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    WRF736SDAM12 Refrigerator compartment not cooling below 50 degrees

    Hello! I have a whirlpool French door gold series (WRF736SDAM12). Freezer getting to 0 degrees but refrigerator compartment not getting below 50 degrees. I checked evaporator fan -good. Little to no frost on evaporator. Air (cool) is getting to the top of the refrigerator compartment and out of...
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    Frigidaire bottom freezer disassembly problem

    Hello, I repair appliances part time & have came across my first major problem. I was attempting to disassemble a bottom freezer Frigidaire EURODESIGN fridge because the freezer was freezing but fridge was warm. I was quite sure I knew what the problem was but could not figure out how to...
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    Freezer cold, fridge not so much

    Freezer works well, fridge somewhat cool but doesn't get cold enough, temperature 46 deg F on setting of 4 (manufacturer's recommendation) out of 1-7 and 44 deg F at a setting of 7. Cold air comes out of the air diffuser in top left and also bottom left vent supplying the vegetable/meat tray...

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