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    FIXED KSF26C4XYW03 Kitchenaid fridge wiring diagram - Dim lights

    The unit did not have a wiring diagram or tech sheet, looking for the wiring diagram, thanks in advance
  2. M

    Electrolux French door fridge freezing

    Fridge is freezing food and ice not maker in freezer not making ice. Followed previous instructions to drop fridge to 4 hold the -/+ down I have done that and the fridge temp is displaying F and the freezer temp is displaying D. Fridge is now showing 6 and freezer showing 15
  3. M

    DFF100C2BSSD Danby Fridge Flashing LED Lights

    Hello, I have a 3 year old like new Dandy fridge bought at Costco with a weird problem. The LED lights blink/flash whether the door is open or closed. Really annoying. I tried working with Danby support and respectfully they were unable to help at all. I think it may be the light module that...
  4. K

    Danby (DAR044A6DDB) Mini Fridge - Start Relay Compatibility

    Hello, I am trying to replace the start relay on this mini-fridge. The part number and needed piece is PTC & OLP Combination. However, this item is on backorder and/or solely available from China... so the fastest it can arrive is in about a month. This would be alright but I am...
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    MFB2055FRZ Maytag French Doors Freezer on Bottom - Fridge odour, burning smell, no smoke

    I have had my Maytag Fridge since May 2019. This morning, I opened the fridge and the strong smell of something burning was coming out, plastic or rubber. There is no smoke The vents are not blocked. Not sure what it can be, there is nothing in the manual under troubleshooting. Does anyone...
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    LFX28978ST LG Refrigerator - What is this noise?

    My Fridge seems to be working fine however once every few days it starts to become louder in general. I can give the fridge a shake and then I hear a loud rattle that hard to explain. Anyone have any idea what this is? Video is attached. Thanks for any help in advance!
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    FIXED 106.51789413 Kenmore Refrigerator - Trying to Troubleshoot Defrost Problem

    Fridge: 1.5 year old Side-by-Side Kenmore 51789 (seems to be a Whirlpool model?) Service Sheet: W10670778 A Over the last couple of days, I’ve noticed my fridge and freezer were slowly getting less and less cold, with the fridge seemingly doing worst at keeping cold. Looking at the freezer, I...
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    FIXED KRFF507ESS Ceiling lights out, the rest stay on

    Hi all, this is for my Kitchenaid KRFF507ESS. It's 2.5 years old. There are 5 "ceiling" lights in my KRFF507ESS. A few weeks ago 2 turn off (the front two) and the other 3 were flickering. As of today they're all off. No other issues with the fridge anywhere (lights or termp). Any ideas or...
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    106.51763510 Kenmore Fridge ice maker issue.

    Model: 106.51763510 Ice Maker fill hose keeps freezing up, replaced the water valve and bypassed the water filter. still freezing up. may need a tech sheet or wiring diagram. I'm thinking there's a heater circuit in there, can't chase it down for the lack of a tech sheet & wiring diagram...
  10. B

    Samsung Fridge/freezer randomly beepin

    My Samsung appears to be chilling/freezing fine, but the front panel is randomly beeping. See video. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    Whirlpool WRB322DMHV noise level

    Just had a new WRB322DMHV bottom freezer model delivered, and this thing is loud. It's nearly as loud as my dishwasher and washing machine and dryer, which are not quiet. The nature of the noise is not unlike my central A/C condensing unit. It has less high-pitched whine than other fridges I've...
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    Sealed System Leak

    Ok so I have a Kenmore elite side by side fridge with freezer drawer in bottom-that I bought for cheap because it doesn’t work. Upon getting it home I added line piercing valve to suction side and found no gas in system. Added 100 psi of nitrogen to system to try to pinpoint leak with bubble...
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    LG LFX23965SB not cooling, fan not running, lights come on

    Hello, Our LG LFX23965SB french door refrigerator has stopped cooling. The fan does not come on at all and the fridge, freezer, and ice maker are not cold. The light comes on when we open the doors. It is 9 years old. I'm trying to figure out what the problem is, what the repair cost might be...
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    WRX735SDBH02 Whirlpool French door ice maker not getting water

    We've had the fridge plugged in for a few months, but finally installed the water a week and a half ago. The water is working and coming through, but we are not getting ice. Ice machine settings on the door console is turned on, the wire push arm is down in the "on" position, but water isn't...
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    Haier HSB02 Turning on and off

    Hello, I was driving along and picked up a mini-fridge along the side of the road with a "does not work" post it note attached. Nothing appears to be cosmetically wrong with it, so I'm looking to fix whatever may be broken. I know little to nothing about refrigerators, but am excited to learn...
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    795.76203901 Er FF error code on Kenmore fridge

    Before we left for one month vacation we turned icemaker off (also water to fridge). Came home, turned water and icemaker back on. Icemaker was very slow to make cubes (about 6 to 8 at a time, only half tray would fill) so a few days later I pressed "ULTRA" ice only to get the Er FF error code...
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    Whirlpool model #ED5VHGXML13 hot between fridge and freezer

    Hello, I have a whirlpool model #ED5VHGXML13 side by side refrigerator that we recently noticed is getting quite hot between the fridge and freezer. A quick google search told us to check the condensing coils to be sure that they're clean, and if they are clean, then it might be a problem with...
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    Kenmore 596.66253401 - Freezer working, Fridge not getting cold

    Hello kind strangers, My Kenmore's fridge portion is not getting cold. The freezer is working like a champ, but the cold air does not seem to be reaching the fridge portion. What I have already done: -opened up the back and cleaned the vents and fans -placed hand on compressor and it is very...
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    1950's General Electric Upright Freezer cooling issues.

    I bought a mid 50s general electric upright freezer for my basement. when i was looking it over to buy i plugged it in and felt the coils start to get cold. So i bought it and brought it home(laying it on its side for a good 4 hours). i let it sit upright though it may have been tipped forwards...
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    Electrolux EW28BS71IS2 fridge ice maker not working. I'm stumped.

    I'm getting frustrated. My fridge was not making ice. It would freeze the ice, but not release from mold. The only thing I found from diagnostic screens was the TH1 thermistor had failed. That is the thermistor that senses when the ice in mold is 28 degrees to start molder heater, etc. I...