1. M

    FIXED FPHB2899LF3 - Need help identifying water line parts

    I need help identifying the parts I need for the water line on the back of the fridge. Easiest for me just to post a photo. FPHB2899LF3 Back top Their online chat personnel identified the parts as: 218976424 A B Tube-water inlet, 64.00", yellow 241920101 A B Tube-water inlet, green, valve to...
  2. M

    FIXED Strobing Light in WRS322FDAM03

    Hello! I wanted to reach out about an issue I have been putting off for a while. The light in both the fridge AND the Freezer strobes for about 2-3 seconds every time we open the door. This was fun during Halloween but it's starting to get old. The fridge is about 8 years old. I called Whirlpool...
  3. K

    ED22PWXBN00 Whirlpool fridge door shelf keeps falling

    We recently moved into a home with a whirlpool fridge, model number ED22PWXBN00, estimated to be about 28 years old. It’s running great, but a couple of the shelves in the door keep falling down. Nothing appears broken, and we have made sure the shelves are latched in properly. Any tips on what...
  4. L

    FIXED GE PYE22KSKFSS - Fridge warm - Freezer OK

    The Fridge section is not getting cold. The Freezer section is good, below freezing. The compressor seems to be running most of the time. Measured temps, Freezer - 7*F, Fresh Food - 50*F, Temp. controlled drawer - 28*F, ambient temp - 72*F Set temps, Freezer - 0*F, Fresh Food - 37*F...
  5. R

    Electrolux ERF4014AOW fridge - LED pcb trouble

    I have an Electrolux ERF4014AOW fridge, and the internal lighting is not working. The lighting is done by a LED pcb (not any bulbs), which I removed to troubleshoot/replace. but before I replace it for a new one, I would love to verify that it is the LED pcb indeed that is failing. I have 2...
  6. A

    111.73025711 Kenmore fridge not cooling, freezer is fine

    Our fridge stop cooling a while back and we had an appliance guy come take a look. He immediately concluded it was the control board. He said he couldn't find the parts and that because it was made in Korea, they would probably discontinue making that part. We were about to buy a new fridge...
  7. E

    FIXED GFE29HGDHBB GE Fridge not cooling to the right temperature; evap fan working well

    I've just fixed the fridge not cooling due to evap fan failure: But because I'm continuing to monitor the fridge, I'm disappointed that it's not cooling to the right temperature...
  8. E

    FIXED GE GFE28HGHEBB Not holding the fridge temp. Freezer seems ok

    So, I have the GE fridge and it has been working well for years. Now, from time to time the fridge temperature gets warm, while freezer remains frozen. With temperature data logger, you can see how it varies (when set to 34). Sometimes for days on end temperature rises and remains above safe...
  9. J

    106.51139214 Kenmore side by side not cold on fridge

    Hey, I’m definitely no expert on refrigerators and have never really been too clever when it came to appliances but i thought i’d give it a go on here before i brought someone in to repair it, I’ve got a kenmore side by side model number is 106 and the issue started yesterday. the freezer has...
  10. K

    785.72489.411 Kenmore elite fridge not cooling past 48

    I have a 4 door Kenmore elite fridge. It feels cold to touch. But the fridge thermometer I bought for it says it's staying between 46 °and 48 ° The freezer is between 9°and 13° I have only had it for 1 week so it's not ice build up, the coils were pretty dusty so I cleaned them and the fan, it...
  11. N

    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRT318FZDM02 - Freezing fresh foods.

    Hi All, I have been having some trouble lately with my Whirlpool Fridge, about a week ago I noticed a strange noise coming from the fridge almost like a whooshing (more like when you have a garden hose and are filling a kiddie pool and it hits the plastic), then my fresh food was starting to...
  12. H

    WRT311FZDM00 Whirlpool fridge, freezer issue

    I have a WRT311FZDM00 Whirlpool fridge about 5 years old. The fridge temp is correct but the freezer temp only gets to around 20 Degrees, even after lowering the temperature or adjusting the fan flow. Fan does run, no frost buildup anywhere, it’s in the garage, and it’s winter time.
  13. zamboknee

    GLHS68EESB4 Frigidaire freezer door opens too easily

    My freezer door opens when you close the other (Fridge) door. There's nothing sticking out that's preventing it from fully shutting and the door seal is good and clean. Fridge is level. What's going on here?
  14. I

    Please Help Identify Buzzing Noise on New Frigidaire Refrigerator FFSC2323TSA

    HI I am desperately looking for help. I have a new Frigidaire refrigerator that is making a constant buzzing noise every 30 seconds. I have attached 2 videos of the sound. The buzz is sometimes short and lasts 1 second, and sometimes longer and can last up to 8 seconds. I have not been able to...
  15. J

    How old is this Kenmore 970-418105 Fridge?

    I have to replace this fridge, as it's leaking and not cooling according to two repairmen who said it is not worth fixing. I need a replacement before the new owners of my home take over. It must be equivalent or newer. I have both the model and serial number and was wondering if someone could...
  16. B

    Multiple Fridges Not Keeping Cool

    This has been a 4+ month long ordeal, so I'll try to summarize. 1st fridge was very old (over 25 years). Stopped cooling and everything in the freezer melted overnight and the fridge was warm (it was hot summer time). Had to toss most things. Landlord came to adjust some things. No change...
  17. L

    Frigidaire Refrigerator FFHS2622MSYA - Water dispenser stuck in on position after replacing filter

    I replaced my oem charcoal filter with a 3rd part one off of Amazon 4 months ago. I replaced it again today with the same 3rd party filter and it broke the water dispenser. When I press the dispenser it gets stuck in the on position and the ice dispenser comes on shortly after. The only way to...
  18. M

    Frigidaire Refrigerator LGHB2869TF keeps turning off and back on. Completely.

    Hi! I have a : Model #: LGHB2869TF Frigidaire Gallery 26.8 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator Purchase date: 01/30/2021 And it keeps beeping once. Turning off and then after 10/20 minutes. And then staying on for the rest of the day but it’s been happing more. I thought it was the air filter...
  19. H

    1950-ish Hotpoint Combination Fridge Help

    Hello, I acquired a nonworking Hotpoint fridge and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. It came with my house. I love it for the vintage look, but wondering if it's worth it to hire someone to repair. Ideally, I'd love to keep it and use it as a back up fridge and drink fridge. I suspect...
  20. M

    How to Wire a 3 in 1 Hard Start Capacitor to my small Danby Fridge

    Hello, I have the 3 wires connected to the pins on the compressor with ease. What is stumping me is connecting the other two black wires to the power supply. Given the number of wires coming out of areas like the electronic circuit board (white box to bottom left) I am not sure where to...
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