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    Frigidaire Dishwasher PLD2850RDC0 Stops after a few seconds

    I am a renter to a landlord who is facing foreclosure and is trying desperately to keep the house so I don’t have to move because I’m absolutely screwed if I have to move this soon (this was expected to be a VERY long term rental house for my 4 kids and I after my divorce & frankly if she has to...
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    FAD704DWD Frigidaire Dehumidifier trips breaker

    In Feb 2019, we had a three-season room put on the back of our house. The electrician put the room on its own breaker box, so there is nothing else drawing current. Last week, I purchased a Frigidaire FAD704DWD dehumidifier. It works very well so far, EXCEPT when I empty the water bucket and...
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    FGHG2366PF1A Functioning Frigidaire fridge makes incessant clicking sound

    Hello all, We have a 3 year old frigidaire fridge/freezer FGHG2366PF1A - French door with bottom drawer freezer. It intermittently clicks on and off incessantly for hours at a time and then stops for awhile, only to begin again a couple hours later. It seems to come from the grey box on the...
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    DGUS2645LF3 Ice Not Dispensing: See Video

    Hello, everyone! Thank you for viewing this post. If you can please take a look at this youtube video to get the full explanation of my issue: If you think you might know what I need to fix, please let me know. Thank you! :)
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    Frigidaire washer machine keeps beeping constantly and the lights keeps blinking

    Hi, Yesterday, my washer just suddenly start beeping constantly and flashing light (on warm, Hot/cold and Door lock). So I unplugged the washer and this morning I plugged back, and the washer seems to be fine but after I finish my laundry, my washer started to beep again. But somehow it stops...
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    Oven won't light

    4 1/2 year old Frigidaire oven worked for breakfast, but when we tried to turn it on for dinner it wouldn't light. The range is working fine, so we knew it wasn't the gas line. Took out the ignitor and brought it to a local appliance parts store (NOT a big store). The said that it had burnt out...
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    Frigidaire GLTF2940ES2 No Spin

    I have a Frigidaire gallery washer that works fine on everything but won't spin. I ran the diagnostic two days ago and on test 7 (drain and spin) using the tech diagnostic sheet it returns EF43 (bad control board) and then went ahead and spun anyway. I replaced the control board (not the same...
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    Water dispenser possessed! Turns on randomly

    I had a leak in my fridge from the triple solenoid water valve (Water Inlet Valve 242252702). After replacing it a new problem arose, the water dispenser turns on every 10 minutes or so and dispenses about a 1/4 of a cup of water. Given this is a new problem, could this be due to the new...
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    Washer wont fill with cold water on any wash cycle

    I have a Fridgidaire stacking washer/dryer that wont fill with cold water on any wash cycle but will on any rinse cycle. Found no problems with water solenoid valves,hoses,filter screens or water pressure. Could this possibly be a problem with the timer/cycle unit?
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    FASG7074LW0 Frigidaire Affinity dryer noise

    My Frigidaire dryer as started to make a "rumble". The clothes are still drying fine. Any Ideas?
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    F10 code- temperature probe 1080 room temp and I replaced eoc

    We started getting f10 intermittently then more often. After searching forums I decided I would order both the temp probe and eoc. I inadvertently ordered wrong probe so I just changed the clock. I did check the probe and it was around 1060-1080ohms. We still got an f10 and this time I could...
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    1954 Fridgidaire Range, Craigslist find

    Just thought I would share my new stove that I found on Craigslist. Its a 1954 RS-28 Dual Oven Fridgidaire Timer model found for $200 about 100 miles away from my house. She works great other than the clock being a bit slow. I am missing a couple of small knobs on the clock and will someday...
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    Fridgidaire LGHN2844MF0 "door ajar" alarm going off

    The refrigerator is going on 2yrs old. The alarm has happened in the past where it would keep going off despite the doors being properly closed. I think I might've powered it completely off or tried a different random combinations and it went away and I thought it was just a fluke. These past...