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    Refrigerator not cooling properly

    Recently, our refrigerator started to have problems. It is a Frigidaire, model #FFHS2322MWKA, SERIAL #4A62604992 (side-by-side style). The freezer and fridge have temperatures that are too warm to hold food/drinks. The freezer temperature is around 43-45 deg F and the fridge is around 53-55 deg...
  2. G

    Fridigaire Oven PLGFZ397GCG powers off while oven on at random times.

    Hi, I have a 15yo Frigidaire PLGFZ397GCG oven that heats up for a while, but then typically when it reaches the temperature (350F or 400F), it'll just power itself off completely. The clock then flashes 12:00. I can hit "clear" and restart the oven back to 350F, where it'll often work for...
  3. R

    Frigidaire Microwave fuse blows opening door during operation, play in door hinge?

    Hi, y'all. The fuse blew recently and I followed a few threads here and just replaced the door switches. Previously I only got a new fuse to see if I could narrow what was going on and intermittently, when I would close the door, the light and fan would come on without the magnetron running and...
  4. J

    Frigidaire Oven, Replaced Ignitor, Thermometer, Control Board

    Frigidaire FPGH3077RFD Gas Range Oven Oven is not working. Broiler is working. I replaced the ignitor, the temperature sensor, and the control board, but the power is still not going to the ignitor. Please, can you please recommend me what to check next? Thank you
  5. C

    Looking for replacement seals for 1960 Frigidaire Imperial French Door wall oven

    Was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the replacement seals. The top part of the seal is on the outside of the door, about 1/4" x 1/2". The lower part i'm unsure of but is compressed between the outside and inside door panel. Believe the seal is 20" long and I'd like to find a pair of...
  6. W

    Frigidaire FFAD5033R10 dehumidifier reads low humidity level

    Hello new member here. I have a seven year old dehumidifier that is only used during the summer months. Last year I noticed that the humidity levels displayed were lower than expected. The machine continued to function. I thought it was a sensor problem so I replaced the sensor (bought on eBay)...
  7. K

    LGHC2342LF3 Frigidaire Refrigerator - What control board model?

    I have a Frigidaire LGHC2342LF3 refrigerator. I've figured out that my problem is more than likely a bad control board but I can't find which one to order. The sites I go to tell me my fridge is not compatible with the control boards they have. This is my current control board: Can anyone...
  8. S

    Frigidaire Refrigerator FRS23KF6EB8 LOUD rattling, fan broken ? HELP!

    Good morning and thank you for your help in advance. All of a sudden out of nowhere my Frigidaire Refrigerator/Freezer (MODEL: FRS23KF6EB8, SN 4A80617741) started making this horrible rattling sound. Please see attached video. Not sure if there's a piece of ice stuck or there's a fan in this...
  9. J

    FIXED Frigidaire freezer FFFU06M1TW starts, stops freezing

    This is a small upright freezer that's only a few years old, but it sits in a pretty tight space. Found items thawing in the freezer the other day and the sides of the freezer were very warm, so I figured maybe it had been left open a crack and was having trouble keeping up. But no! I turned the...
  10. B

    Dead control boards - anyone diagnosing/repairing these?

    Hi All, Thanks for the great forum! I've just revived a Frigidaire washer/dryer combo unit by replacing the main control board. Wondering if there is anyone, professional or otherwise who wants the old boards for diagnosis and possible repair? For this model of machine, the control board is no...
  11. D

    Frigidaire Range FGGH3047VF Propane Conversion Question

    Greetings, I have a brand new Frigidaire FGGH3047VF range that I'm converting from Natural Gas to Propane. I ordered the conversion kit and replaced all the orifices for the burners without issue. I've turned the regulator valve around and I've also adjusted the Broiler Spud to satisfactory...
  12. A

    Frigidaire dehumidifier FAD504DWD

    The "clean filter" light is on all the time on my dehumidifier, even if I remove the filter and clean it. This is a Frigidaire FAD504DWD from December 2013 (manufacturing date on label). Can anyone tell me: 1. Should I test anything before going further, or should I just order a filter? 2. Since...
  13. Q

    Frigidaire Stovetop heating element pressure plate issue.

    My Frigidaire electric stovetop has little pressure plates in the center of the heating elements, and when we use our large frying pans, which have concave undersides, the pans do not contact and push the pressure plate. When this happens, the heating element stops heating and cools drastically...
  14. V

    LFEF3048QFA Frigidaire Range - oven stuck on SAb mode

    I have a Frigidaire electric range/oven Model number LFEF3048QFA 4 days ago we had a power outage, and when the power came back the oven displayed a SAb message and wouldn't go away. We googled it and learned that it meant that the oven was in Sabbath mode. Nowhere in the manual or google we...
  15. D

    Frigidaire Refrigerator PLHS39EESS3 Display on OF

    Experienced a power outage on Tuesday. The main circuit was switched off and when the power came back on the temperature control on my PLHS39EESS3 was at OF. I tried to hold down the power buttons and also unplugged and replugged the fridge. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
  16. M

    Frigidaire FG4H2272UF Freezer & Flex Drawer Hi Temp

    Evening- I have a Frigidaire/Electrolux model FG4H227UF that was purchased about 18 months ago (checked and warranty has ran out) that began giving the 'HI TEMP' alert for the freezer 3 days ago. After some research I believe the cause is to be the thermistor, I ordered the part, however I...
  17. T

    AGQ8700FS1 Frigidaire Affinity Gas Dryer not heating, shutting off mid-cycle, three blinking lights.

    Our dryer started doing this while I was out on a work trip and am just not starting to trouble shoot. If anyone. can help with some basic trouble shooting steps or If anyone could help me with a tech sheet/ how to get into diagnostic mode, it would be appreciated. All the best!
  18. P

    50s Frigidaire Replacement Cooling System

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and was wondering if I could have so help with my 1950s Frigidaire refrigerator. I recently acquired this refrigerator and want to bring is back to life. The model number is DS-90P. I am relatively new to restoring refrigerators. The problem is the original...
  19. T

    1950 General Motors Frigidaire Refrigerator (DM-90) Short Circuit

    We're in the process of updating all of the electric work in a 1905 one-room schoolhouse we're restoring, but in the meantime have to rely on many extension cords. To avoid overloading the circuits, we have to unplug certain major appliances prior to operating another. While our refrigerator has...
  20. C

    FIXED FFSS2615TD0 Frigidaire Refrigerator water dispenser troubleshooting

    Hey, just bought my first house and with it came my first refrigerator with a water dispenser (not under warranty conveniently enough). Here is the tragic timeline of events. If anyone has any suggestions of anything else to try I’m all ears. I think I’ve watched every refrigerator...

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