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    FGWC52L3TS Frigidaire wine fridge not cooling

    Good afternoon everyone! I’m new here so I hope this is the right spot to post this. I recently received a wine fridge for free from a lady because it’s not cooling and she didn’t have the time or energy to deal with it it seems. It is basically brand new and seems to have not cooled from the...
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    Frigidaire FFGF3053LSM Gas oven - Oven works, top burner wont turn on

    Hi ! I have the following issue: Frigidaire FFGF3053LSM Gas oven - Oven works, top burner won't turn on. All four top burners click and I see a spark and smell gas but not flame. Any suggestions?
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    FGMV175QF Frigidaire Gallery Over the Range Microwave - Exhaust fan not working

    Hey there! We are on our second Frigidaire gallery over the range microwave in three years. The exhaust fan does not work when we hit the exhaust fan button. Troubleshoot: The microwave is set up through the recirculating feature and not vented externally. The button display still functions...
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    1952 GM Frigidaire SR-60 Refrigerator Thermostat (Cold Control) Freezing

    Here's my story on my refrigerator. I think I have it fixed for now but please comment as the hive knowledge has been very helpful. I am an automotive guy with A/C knowledge in that world. Some of it crossed over and some does not. I picked this refrigerator up 7 or 8 years ago from...
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    AEQ6700FE0 Frigidaire Affinity not heating

    I’m sorry if this has already been answered in a previous thread, but I could use help. I’ve googled my eyeballs out of my head trying to fix this dryer, to no avail. Frigidaire Affinity model #AEQ6700FE0 made on 09/07. Won’t heat at all. I’ve replaced the heating element along with thermostat...
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    Glass shelf for 1939 Frigidaire Coldwall

    Thought I'd ask here...if anyone has this part, or any other parts for the Coldwall. This is a model 39B2042- CIIR43.
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    FIXED FGHB2866PF9A Ice maker makes Ice, but motor doesnt turn when paddle is pressed.

    Here is a list of things i have tested that can confirm work; Auger motor turns on just fine and spins when in diagnostics mode Removed Ice Bucket and motor still does not start Water works fine when paddle is depressed When ice is selected the paddle makes a sound when depressed and opens, but...
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    FIXED Frigidaire Dishwasher FFBD2411NS1A Noise During Water Cycle

    My dishwasher started to make a noise the other night when the water cycle goes on. It sounds like the motor is under stress and overworking. I took the parts and tubes and pump apart and there doesn't seem to be a clog. I cleaned it all, put it back together but no miracles! I think it is the...
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    Putting new parts in an old 1950ish Frigidaire

    I have a 1950ish Frigidaire that I want to refurbish. Is it possible/ a good idea to put more modern parts in so it doesnt use up as much electricity and is a bit safer? I also know that the freon used back when it was made is very dangerous but I'm not sure if that would be worth taking out. It...
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    FIXED FAFW3801LW0 Frigidaire Front load washer stays with sensing light off

    Please!! I need help. When I press Start on my Frigidaire FAFW3801LW0 front load washer gets a little of water but then do not do anything else. All the lights stays on but the sensing light stays off. The washer doesn’t advance to the washer cycle, it stays on sensing. I already change the lock...
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    FIXED Frigidaire FGHS2655PF5A Refrigerator Display Panel

    Would anyone be able to tell me if this is cause for concern as I am not very familiar with the Frigidaire display panel. I just plugged it in and seems to be cooling fine but this didn’t look right so I figured I would come to the experts.
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    FIXED Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher (FGHD2465) random powerfail (PF) codes

    For years, I've been putting up with random PF codes on my Frigidaire dishwasher, (FGHD2465). Sometimes the machine works fine for a few days, runs through a full cycle. Then it will stop working with a PF code at a random time during the cycle. For example, sometimes I get the PF before the...
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    FGHS2631PF4A Frigidaire Refrigerator - To much ice

    My ice maker just makes to much ice. I constantly get ice overflowing in my freezer. Is there a sensor I can adjust so that not as much is produced? I believe the bar going across is what tells it to stop. Not sure if there is a way fix it there.
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    CGES3065KF4 Frigidaire Range burner not working, hot surface indicator is always on.

    Hello guys, I've had this frigidaire product for the last 8 years already, but recently one of the burners stopped working and its individual hot surface indicator remains on all the time. This also triggers the ventilation mechanism to stays on all the time as well. Has anyone else experienced...
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    Frigidaire CPCS389EC6 Oven Temp Problems

    Hi, I am trying to fix my Mom's Frigidaire CPCS389EC6 oven. It has been giving her problems with the temperature for awhile now. Recently we tried a self-cleaning and got an F30 error. I measured the restistance of the temperature probe and got about 1080 to 1090 ohms at room temperature. I...
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    GLHS66EJW0 Frigidaire Refrigerator Runs okay - smells like it's burning

    My mom's fridge - about 13 years old now - began giving off a burning scent at the end of October. Less than two weeks before, there was a power surge that we think knocked out her dehumidifier and spare freezer, as they went out soon after the surge. The fridge was fine for several days until...
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    FFUS2613LS4 Frigidaire side-by-side gradually became incompetent at cooling in both compartments

    Hi, Fridge is 7 years old and the only work done on it was a Control Panel replacement in 2016 by an amateur (me) because the fridge wouldn't turn on at all. Began noticing improper cooling symptoms since 2018 whenever there was a lot of heat in kitchen for example lot of cooking. Control...
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    FFTR1814TW Popping/Clicking noise from new refrigerator

    I purchased a new Frigidaire refrigerator a few weeks ago and it makes popping/clicking noises every or almost every time it starts running for 10-15 seconds. I wanted to ask here to see if this is normal or not.
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    Frigidaire FGF366BCB Bake and Broil won't work -- Both igniters bad?

    I recently acquired a Frigidaire LP range that I was told worked with no issues (actual age unknown). The cooktop burners light and work fine, however neither the oven nor the broiler will light. Both of the igniters glow. I understand that the igniters are the most common problem, but my...
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    Frigidaire FRA123KT1 - Stuck at 90 degrees / power panel does not work

    Hi all - Stumbled across this forum after googling about issues with my window AC unit. The issues started a few weeks back when the power button stopped working. Leaving it unplugged / using the reset button eventually had it working again a day later. At that point, I noticed my remote (with...