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    FIXED PHS38EJSB0 Frigidaire Professional Constant Beeping

    Hello, Well I hope I can find help in this forum! I own a Frigidaire Professional (French Doors) Model - PHS38EJSB0 Manufactured - 06/08. As you can tell by the date it is out of warranty. It has been 2days now that the refrigerator has been CONTINUOUSLY beeping without displaying any error...
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    Frigidaire LCE702A not heating

    I have an LCE702a Laundry Center. The heating elemant in not working on any setting. Ideas?
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    [FIXED] Frigidaire Washer #NMWS336FS1

    Recently my washer seems to have issues advancing through the washing cycles. First, it would just occur once in a while, now it seems you can run through one cycle no problem, but then others right after will get stuck on the rinse cycles and you have to manually advance the nob to get it to...
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    Frigidaire Gallery Dryer GLEQ942CS0, won't start

    Does anyone have an idea which part I need to replace. The LED's seem to be working, the lights cycle through all the options. However, when I press start, it beeps but doesn't turn on at all. I checked the main board, it doesn't seem to be burned out. All other connections seem okay.. Thank...
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    [FIXED] Frigidaire GLTF2940ES1 washer repair question.

    I've had the same "no high speed spin" problem that a lot of front load Frigidaire (manufactured) washer owners have had. Unfortunately, I didn't find this great forum until I've already spent over $250 and still have the the problem. After reading through the forum I'm pretty sure it is the...
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    FIXED FDB4315LFC0 Frigidaire Dishwasher Er Error

    My Frigidaire FDB4315LFC0 dishwasher recently stopped working (mostly) after a power outage. Now whenever I turn on the power (via the countertop switch) it displays PF and then Er on the display. It does not display any of the other error messages listed in the service manual (ra, uo, etc)...
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    Repairing rear bearing on Gallery GLTF1040ASO?

    I have an opportunity to purchase a matching set of Frigidaire Gallery Washer/Dryer Set (Washer Model is GLTF1040ASO, Dryer is GLEQ332AS1). I have yet to visually inspect the units, but the owner states the rear bearing on the washer is going out. But he was also told by someone else that the...
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    Frigidaire oven won't light problem

    A relatively common problem, it seems. Frigidaire gas oven, Model FGF337AWE. Oven wouldn’t light, had a repairman come out and diagnose the problem (ignition coil), ordered the part myself (, installed it, and lo and behold, it’s glowing much brighter and hotter than the...