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    1947 Frigidaire Relay

    I have an old fridge that I believe is tripping on O/L. The number on it 5901083. I was just curious as to if there is a newer replacement or a bypass to get the thing running again. Thanks in advance.
  2. S

    Frigidaire model PHS6LE6HSB0 blinking 4

    My Frigidaire started blinking 4 about a week ago. I noticed that my temperature in both the freezer and the refrigerator was not maintaining. I disconnected the power and plugged it back in, was still blinking 4, still having issues with it maintaining temperature. I read on other forums that...
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    1930 service manual for Frigidaire appliances

    Hello all. Just joined and first post. I have acquired through family inheritance a 1930 service manual for Frigidaire appliances. This comes from a grandfather in the family who was a service person in central Pennsylvania in the 30's and 40's. He service four creameries in the Tyrone, Altoona...
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    Frigidaire FGF366EBB oven won't stay on after preheat setting.

    Hello to all! I am experiencing problems with my Frigidaire gas oven/range (Model # FGF366EBB) going on a month now. I am imploring anyone with repair ideas to point me in the right direction. THE PROBLEM: After I set the oven to the bake setting, the oven begins its preheat cycle and starts...
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    Laundry Center FEX831CS0 Burned Heating Element Wires

    Hi, my Frigidaire FEX831CS0 was drying clothes, but it seemed to be getting them too hot. One day it smelled like something was burning and then the dryer stopped heating the clothes. I noticed just before this, when I got it used, that it appeared to have melted clothes on the inside of the...
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    FWTB8200DS0 No high speed spin, and it’s not agitating properly.

    After last wash it didn’t go into high speed spin. I replaced the door latch a year ago. So far I’ve replaced the timer and control board and switched motors. Still not working? Help?
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    FEQ1442ES1 Code reading help.

    Hey all! Found this gem of a website and figured id give it a shot. So recently moved into house and had the dryer there, people said the heating element was out.. which does line up as no heat is coming on. but to be sure before i went at bought a new heating element I did some research. I...
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    FIXED DGUS2645LF2 Ice thru door

    First, let me say this ice maker sucks. It has too far travel for the ice in door dispenser lever and it DUMPS ice. It's almost inevitable that you get ice all over the floor when using it. Despite that, I want to fix the door ice dispenser since I don't want to lose all of the cold air by...
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    FIXED FGHB2866PF0 Ice maker won't automatically cycle or harvest ice

    My frigidaire model FGHB2866PF0 ice maker won't automatically cycle or "harvest". It is 5 years old. I can manually force it to fill the ice tray and when frozen I can force it to turn the tray electronically to dump the ice all when in test mode. But when in regular mode it won't do either...
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    FIXED FGHB2844LF5 Frigidaire -- Fluctuating Freezer Temperature

    My Frigidaire refridgerator has had a number of problems (mostly related to the ice maker) in the two years that we have owned our house, but the freezer temperature has been very stable until recently. Over the past few days, the freezer has been fluctuating in temperature and I’m wondering if...
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    FIXED FPUS2686LF0 How do I take it out of demo

    On a Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator, I know how to put it into demo mode, but can't figure out how to take it out? Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.
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    1939 Frigidaire Cold Wall

    Model Number: Master 6-39 Brand: Frigidaire Age: More than 10 years I got hold of this antique refrigerator for my art deco style cottage. I am completely in love with this appliance. The enamel finish is near perfect. It was running when I bought it (although it ran a bit on the cool side --...
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    PLD4555RF0 Something in my dishwasher runs on its own following lightning strike

    Last week, lightning struck right next to my house taking out everything connected to the cable lines including all our TVs and cable boxes and sadly, my PS4... but oddly, the only appliance affected that wasn't tied to the cable line was our dishwasher. It was off during the storm but it...
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    FDB1450CHC2 Frigidaire Dishwasher Door Hangs / Sags - Springs Have Been Replaced

    After 8 years of use, my dishwasher door has started to sag when the dish rack is pulled out. I replaced the springs as the left side spring was quite stretched. While this did improve the door position when there is no weight on the door, it did not correct the issue where the door sags...
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    Frigidaire lights on but won't start.

    Hi everyone, I started my Frigidaire dishwasher last night and it washed my dishes but now the high temp, heat, and washing buttons won't shut off. The dishwasher is cool so they aren't actually engaged and the dishwasher seems to have completed the washing cycle. Any ideas of what this could...
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    Frigidaire freezer leaking water

    Hey guys, I have a Frigidaire side-by-side fridge that has been leaking water into the bottom of my freezer for some time now. I'm really hoping this will not cost an arm and a leg to fix. I took the back panel off the inside part of the freezer and am including a couple pics. It looks like...
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    FIXED LAFW7000LW0 Washer fails to empty all the water, worse after cleaning

    Hello, When I purchased this house, it had this Frigidaire Affinity front loading washer. It always ran well other than it wouldn't dispense soap and bleach properly, probably due to hard water build=up blocking the jets which is how I assume it works. A couple years ago, when prompted to run...
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    FES367ABH Oven/broiler not working

    The oven and broiler have stopped working on our range. The cooktop works fine. We took the back off the oven but didnt see a thermal circuit switch to reset. Any ideas where that woulf be located? Anything else we can try? Its an older model, but since it's a slide in, replacements are out of...
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    FIXED FPET3085KFB Frigidaire, Electrolux oven heats slow hidden element

    Hope to help anyone trying to fix hidden element in Frigidaire or Electrolux oven. Oven slow to heat. Bottom element not working. Turned breaker OFF to the wall oven, Pulled oven out from wall removed rear panel resistance of lower element open circuited. Element access is from bottom of...
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    FFET2725PSB Double Oven not heating properly

    I have a Frigidaire FFET2725PSB double oven that was purchased new in 2014. The upper oven stopped heating to full temp first. We would set to 350 and the display would show that it would only get to around 200 degrees after about 40 min. You could feel inside as well and it was only warm...