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    FIXED MLG2000AWW Maytag Stackable - washer shuts off after first wash cycle; Also runs past final spin into next cycle

    Hi have an almost 20 yr old stackable Neptune that has been a decent reliable machine. When i turn the dial to the start of the wash cycle and press the start button, the machine fills, the lights for operation go on, it agitates and the lock engages and light goes on---but then about 5...
  2. D

    FIXED WBVH6240 GE front load washer - heavy load slow spin wet towels help requested.

    Hello group, I've asked for some help in the past and you were able to help me out so hoping for more good luck! My girl has a condo in Los Angeles she doesn't live there full time as she is a professor at an ivy league school. I'm one of those pesky guys who tries to fix things vs. throwing...
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    Clothes Washer and Dryer

    My family and I will be moving into a new house next month and the clothes washer and dryer are not included. I was wondering what the best brand and model for a family of 3 would be. I haven't purchased appliances in over 15 years so am not up-to-date on new technologies. Should we look at top...
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    GFW550SSN0WW GE Frontload washer drain pump runs intermittently when washer is off

    Our drain pump runs intermittently when the washing machine is off. It is not continuous; the pump switches on for ~5-10 minutes, then goes off for an hour or two. I turned off the taps (thinking there might be a leak) and the problem persists. I cleaned the drain basket and drained the residual...
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    FIXED WF42H5200A2 Samsung front load washer tub support

    Hi, I have a question (a couple, actually) about the internal support of the wash tub in this (or perhaps any) Samsung front load washer... From what I've seen, the tub has 6 points of support. On top it hangs from two springs, one on either side of the main cabinet. On the bottom of the tub...
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    FWTB8200DS0 No high speed spin, and it’s not agitating properly.

    After last wash it didn’t go into high speed spin. I replaced the door latch a year ago. So far I’ve replaced the timer and control board and switched motors. Still not working? Help?
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    FWT645RHS0 Frigidaire Front load washer wont final spin

    TIA for anyone who can help with my washer saga, I now know more about washers than I thought I would. The story begins with my wife telling me the washer made a loud noise and the clothes were soaked at the end of the cycle. The door gasket looked twisted or out of position so as a DIY guy...
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    110.26442502 Washer trouble, agitates at start of cycle

    Hello my Kenmore washer model 110.26442502 agitates at the start of cycle and nothing else
  9. T

    Samsung Front Loading WF448 intermittent drain pump

    I have a Samsung WF448 that will not drain. The drain pump occasionally comes on at the beginning of the spin cycle for about a second then stops until an error code appears on the front panel. I checked the pump on the bench. It works fine. I checked for obstructions in all water passages...
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    WF431ABW/XAA Samsung Front Loader Leaking Only On Cold Cycle

    Hello everyone, I have a Samsung Front Loader Washer (WF431ABW/XAA). One of those new Steam Wash models. Just inherited from my friend who says it was purchased new 4 years ago. No warranty to speak of. About a week ago, I noticed water pooling in the rear of the unit about a pint per regular...
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    Front load Maytag won't spin, and now won't agitate

    Newer Maytag, bought when we moved here in mid-2012 started having trouble early 2015. Clothes were intermittently coming out wet as it was failing to spin, drain pump works fine and isn't clogged. Cycles with spin would usually count down to 12 mins remaining, then just end. I inspected the...
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    WF409ANW/XAA Metal washer on Samsung Washer spider support

    I received a new spider for my Samsung front-load washer. Like the original, it comes with an O-ring on the shaft, perhaps to cushion vibration where it rests against the inner bearing. The original also had a thin, razor-sharp steel tapered washer riding on the O-ring, sandwiched between the...
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    Samsung front loader spider and shaft seal: How far to push in new shaft seal

    I disassembled my Samsung washer because it was banging really badly during spin. The spider wasn't broken, but it was pretty nasty. I replaced the spider and also chose to replace the bearings and shaft seal. The bearings went in fine with dry ice. The seal is a bit of a mystery to me. The...
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    GE front loader leaking from door

    I have a GE front load washer (Im really not sure what the model is offhand, but I bought it about 4 years ago or so). As soon as I start a cycle the water comes out of the top and drips out of the bottom of the door. I self diagnosed and changed the door gasket/bellow myself thinking this could...
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    Maytag Neptune won't balance out-replaced struts to no avail.

    I replaced the struts in my Neptune a few weeks ago and still no improvement on the out of balance issue. I took a video of what it does during the spin cycle today and would like to know what you guys think is the problem. All that was in the washer was a few sheets and towels. It does this on...
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    FIXED Kenmore 417.44052401 - Error code 43, but replaced control panel with new, still won't spin

    Hello, First time poster, but have tried hard to do my homework and not waste anyone's time. I searched the forums for my model (this search: Appliance Repair Forums) and read all the threads, unfortunately the answer eludes me. Here is the problem, and what I have tried: Problem: Washer...
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    Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer drive belt falls off during spin cycle

    Maytag Neptune front load washer model MAH6700AWW. I replaced the drive motor as the bearings were grinding and shot. The new drive motor goes right in and I have secured the two bolts. I reinstalled the drive belt but it keeps coming off during spin cycles. It typically comes off of the drive...
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    He2 Plus overfill problems

    The washer overfills, keeps filling & draining, over & over again. F20 & F27 are usually the codes it spits out. The only cycle that works correctly is the rinse drain spin cycle. The filling & washing cycles are where the issue is. My wife has to sit by the washer to over-ride the issue & force...
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    [FIXED] Frigidaire GLTF2940ES1 washer repair question.

    I've had the same "no high speed spin" problem that a lot of front load Frigidaire (manufactured) washer owners have had. Unfortunately, I didn't find this great forum until I've already spent over $250 and still have the the problem. After reading through the forum I'm pretty sure it is the...

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