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    FIXED 795.51073.011 Kenmore side by side refrigerator - Water leak

    I have a kenmore elite refrigerator model 795.51073.011. Water is dripping from under the refrigerator door. There is a white hose running along the front bottom of the fridge and going in under the fridge door with water dripping out from that opening. Everything is working fine, just dripping...
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    LG Range LRE3083BD - Rear Burner Control Turns On Front AND Rear Burners

    LG Range LRE3083BD - When the left rear burner control is turned on, both the left rear burner AND the left front double burner turns on. At that point the controls for the left front double burner have no effect and the left rear control regulates both. If the left front burner is turned on...
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    FFFW5000QW How to drain a Frigidaire Infinity for moving?

    I have a Frigidaire Affinity front loader I am giving to my mother in law, just replaced. But the thing feels like it weighs 400 pounds because it is full of water. Plenty of videos on draining when the hose is on the bottom but nothing with the drain hose on the top. How do I drain this...
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    DCVH515EF0WW GE DRYER - New top front bearing and slides keep wearing out.

    Hello, My dryer was making a screeching sound when running. I replaced the idler pulley, belt, rear bearing, top/front bearing and slides. After about a month of use, it started screeching again. I opened it up, and found that the top bearing and slides were wearing very uneven (see attached...