frost build up

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    Freezer temps varies & Partial Frost

    We have a small upright freezer with a couple of issues, perhaps indicating one problem. It does not hold a constant temperature. Without any record keeping, I think the temp varies 15*F (getting as high as +5*F); this is on the coldest setting. When my wife defrosted it, the two top shelves...
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    Amana DRB1901CC Frost Issue

    Good evening, I own an Amana DRB1901CC fridge with the freezer located in the bottom. Problem: Freezer frosts up to the point that no cooling takes place in fridge portion. Prior to freezing up completely, left vegetable drawer starts freezing items. What I know: -Coils clean -No frozen...
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    Kitchenaid KSRA25FKSS00 Fridge side not cooling

    The fridge side of my side by side is not cooling properly. I noticed on 8/23 that the motor was running constantly. Last night the overtemp alarm went off but I thought it was due to the fact that I just put in two roasted chickens and a pot of bacon corn chowder. This am the alarm was sounding...