1. Z

    Furnace high limit switch and fan switch.

    I had some work done on my furnace, in a house that is new to me, and there was work done before, and now I seem to have an issue that I believe is new. When the furnace decides to kick in (temp on thermometer is not met) it will engage the burner and get hot, it heats for a few minutes, then...
  2. C

    Ducane CMPB075U3A furnace turning off after 2 minutes

    Attempted to start my furnace, and I noticed it's short-cycling this season. It starts up as usual, I can hear the burners fire up, and both the inducer motor and blower motor are spinning. Furnace is an old Ducane CMPB075U3A (20 years old) high-efficiency model. Problem Around 2 minutes after...
  3. P

    What thermostat can I use for our furnace

    I am sorry if this is a very vague, newbie question. I am looking to replace our old thermostat. The thermostat is only being used for the furnace (we have no central air). Unfortunately I do not know the furnace model, only that it's a Burnham oil furnace. I have included some photos of the...
  4. S

    Trane XB80 Furnace Ignition timing not working.

    I have a Trane XB80 furnace that is roughly 20 years old. The Hot Surface Igniter is not getting up to temperature to ignite. It shuts off, turns back on... And then proceeds to the second cycle, still doesn't... and so on and so forth until it just times out and stops permanently and blows...
  5. R

    RUUD Weatherking short cycling then stops

    I have a RUUD (RHEEM) WeatherKing Model # 80PS07EBR01 (Installed in 2008) It is short cycling several times before it shuts off completely. Induction motor kicks on. Burner ignites. Blower comes on anywhere from 1 second to 30 seconds, then shuts off and repeats. Sometimes it will...
  6. L

    Thermostat Digital Screen is Blank - Is it the AC Unit or the Furnace? How do I troubleshoot?

    80UHG Series The thermostat runs both the AC unit and the furnace. There is no reading on the digital screen. I used a voltmeter to determine that it is out because no voltage is going to the thermostat. I've researched a bit and found out it may be due to a blown fuse in one of the units. How...
  7. M

    Gibson/Nordyne Furnace KG6RC-040C-12A won't power up

    My furnace keeps turning off and losing power to the control board. The control board lights are off. One time I cycled the power and it powered up. Haven't been able to do that since. So, I replaced the transformer which worked, but it started happening again a week after the replacement...
  8. Mastro

    Armstrong Furnace Blower issue

    Okay, I have this Armstrong Furnace. The blower fan (label below) stopped blowing. On top of that, there were sparks coming from one of the bolts (circled below). The sparks ate the rubber washer. I "rebooted" the furnace, by turning the thermostat 20 degrees below house temp & hit the...
  9. D

    RUDD Achiever Super Quiet 80 Burner issue

    My RUDD furnace has been running for 3-5 minutes turning off, then back on several times until the house is up the the temp on the thermostat. Today it wouldn't start at all for my wife. I opened the cover and noticed that the part inside the burner tube is missing for one of the burners. Its...
  10. P

    Ruud Furnacw won't ignite

    Pilot is on, new thermostat reads "heat on", won't ignite burners. Guy at the store said the thermal couple isn't the problem if he pilot is lit.?
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