fuse blown

  1. T

    RS263TDPN Compressor Inverter PCB Fuse Blowing

    I have a Samsung RS263TDPN and the compressor stopped working. No errors at self diagnostic and the LED's on the main PCB and inverter PCB are not on. All lights and fans work. I noticed the fuse on the inverter PCB was blown and replaced it. It immediately blew again when I plugged it back in...
  2. zamboknee

    LFMV1645TF Frigidaire microwave died. New fuse?

    Our Frigidaire LFMV1645TF microwave died in the middle of useage. Breaker didn’t trip, the outlet is fine. I’m wondering if it’s just the fuse inside blowing. Can I just replace the fuse here or do I need a new microwave?
  3. S

    FIXED Kitchenaid Double Oven KODE300ESS00 - Fuse blowing on oven cool down

    My kitchenaid double oven recently stopped working. After cooking two pizzas (1 in each oven simultaneously) at 425F and cooling down, the control panel went blank. The fuse tested with no continuity so i replaced it, which seemed to fix the oven. I tried the top oven by cooking a pizza again...
  4. B

    970C85353310 blowing fuses when not in use.

    Hi, For the past six months or so, we would occasionally go to use this microwave and notice that it was dead. It would trip the breaker on the breaker panel when not in use. Then three weeks ago, the microwave was again dead. It was not the circuit breaker but the internal 20A fuse, which I...
  5. M

    795.74025 Kenmore Elite PCB Failed AFTER Universal Compressor Install

    All, I have a Kenmore elite 795.74025 with the dreaded LG linear compressor. I purchased it in October of 2017 and it died on valentines day of 2021. I had a sears technician come out, and they confirmed the compressor had failed. For $550, Sears replaced the compressor with the new Universal...
  6. M

    FIXED WMH31017FS0 Whirlpool Microwave fuse and breaker trip after top two door switches replaced

    at the apartment community I work at I’ve ran into at least 10 microwaves in the past couple months that have the door open error message come up and they are unable to use the microwave from what I’ve researched I gather it’s a door switch error for a couple microwaves I tested I replaced the...
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