fuse location

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    Inglis/Whirlpool Dryer IED4400VQ0 Removed heating element to test.

    Inglis/Whirlpool Dryer IED4400VQ0 Roomate plugged in unit and big sparks, unit won't power on. I'm a total novice, first time dryer repair. Tested and removed heating element, no continuity. Roommate plugged dryer back in and powered on, result was large spark, small lint fire. Unit will not...
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    FIXED Kitchenaid Dishwasher KUDS35FXSS8 - no power, can't find fuse location

    I have about a 5 year old Kitchenaid Dishwasher model#KUDS35FXSS8 that just stop working. No lights or power. Breaker in the electrical panel didn't trip. I've done a bunch of research online and think that maybe the dishwasher fuse may need replacing but haven't found the location of the...
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