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    GE JVM2070 Keeps Blowing internal 20A fuse

    Just finished fixing my fridge and now THIS happens! :mad: About 1-2 seconds after turning my microwave on this morning, it blew the internal 20A fuse. Replaced fuse and tried again and the same thing happened, so I took it down, took it apart, discharged the capacitor and here's what I know...
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    Maytag dryer cones on but won't start

    The other day I was adjusting the mattress cover that was drying and when i put it back in and pushed start I heard a pop and it wouldn't start. It comes on, but won't start. My FIL took the lid off and immediately a control lock light came on. We were going to replace the thermal fuse, but...
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    Electrolux ENN 28600 - stopped working

    Hi all It's my first post - thanks in advance to anyone who can help We have had an intermittently surging electrical supply for 48 hours, and although no fuses have gone (so far), our 2 year old Fridge freezer has stopped working. I assumed the fuse had blown, but it has not - and the socket...
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    thank you

    We read your post regarding our Kenmore Elite dryer not working- We bought the part you recommended it was a fuse- took the dryer apart had the fuse checked it was not working- went to our local appliance parts place and for $22.00 bucks my husband fixed it.. thank you so much for the help this...
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    KitchenAid Oven blew fuses, now get F2E0 error - HELP!

    We have a KitchenAid Superba (KEBS278DBS6) double oven, which had the famous "Cleaning Cycle blew my fuses" issue where we put the oven into self-cleaning mode, which blew the thermal and thermostatic fuses on the oven. Thanks to help on many threads here, I was able to get the oven open, then...
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    Where is the fuse located?

    We had a bad storm with alot of lightning last night and now the range won't work at all. We checked the socket and there is power going to the range, but the stove still won't even turn on. Could it be a blown fuse? Where is the fuse located so we can check? Any other ideas would be great! Thanks!
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    [FIXED] Kenmore Series 90 - no heat again and again

    My dryer has no heat. Again. Here's the story. Fix #1) About 5 weeks ago I had no heat. We tested everything and found the heating coil was broken. Replaced heating coil. It worked! Fix #2) about 2 weeks ago, again no heat. tested the fuse, thermostat, heating coil with an ohm meter. Fuse...
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    Display Dead, No Power After Start

    My microwave died mid-cycle (after about 30 seconds of heating a drink). No strange noises, just cut out and the display panel was blank and non-responsive. I took off the panel to see if something was fried back there. I saw a ceramic fuse so I thought I'd give that a shot. Replaced it with...
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    [FIXED] Tripping the circuit breaker

    My maytag LAT9406AAE washer keeps tripping the circuit breaker. I thought it may be the water discharge line plugging up, an uneven load or even too many clothes. We have watched for all of these and it keeps happening a few times within a cycle. Any thoughts on this?
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    No Power on Kenmore Quiet Guard Ultra

    I have a Kenmore Quiet Guard Ultra (665.13889K800) that has worked well for the last 14 months. Two days ago it failed to drain and now gives no indication at all of power. I have confirmed that the breaker is not thrown, and I have confirmed there is power at the outlet (120 V). I have tried...
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    No power to washer after buzzer continually buzzing

    Hi there, I had to replace the door latch on my front loader (from the old white one to the new black one). This latch only worked properly for a few months. When I tried to shut the door, the washer wouldn't start. I found that if I removed the latch and placed it into the door lock on its...
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    70 series dead or blown fuse?

    I had an extra big load in the washer, motor was straining and then nothing. Is there a fuse or relay? I have the cover off and can't find anything resembling a fuse. HELP! THANKS, JIM