gas dryer not heating

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    BOSCH Vision 500 Gas (NG) Dryer Model #WTVC6530UC/11 - igniter won't light, rapid clicking sound

    Have a Bosch Natural Gas Dryer, Model #WTVC6530UC/11. NG Burner Assy won't light not will the igniter glow. Was working intermittently until last week, now won't light or glow to start at all. Dryer powers up and tumbles on all modes. . . . just will not heat up. When it WAS heating, it would...
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    Kenmore Gas Dryer Ignition Issue

    Hi, I have a Kenmore Gas Dryer, Model 11087692800. We noticed a smell of gas coming from the vent so I opened the front lower panel and watched as I started a cycle. The igniter/glow rod lights up and after a few seconds the light from the glow rod begins to fade, ---I hear a click and the...
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    FIXED Kenmore He3 Gas Dryer main burner randomly not igniting

    Model # 110.94836201. Clothes weren't drying, so I started down the tech sheet troubleshooting list. The entire exhaust line from the lint trap to the vent outside the house was lint-free and the gas line is open and no other gas appliances in the house are having issues. The blower is working...
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    Kenmore Series 80 Dryer – Ignites at start-up, then runs for about 10 seconds, then flame goes out

    Have never had any prior issues with this dryer, only repair I ever needed to make was to replace a worn-out belt. The issue I’m having now is when you hit the start button the blower comes right on, you can hear the burner fire-up. The burner will continue to run for about 10 seconds then the...