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    FIXED Samsung Gas Range model #NX58H5600SS - HO EAA Error Code

    Our Samsung Gas Range model #NX58H5600SS has an issue that seems to have just started with a fluctuating and inconsistent oven temperature. I placed the probe from my smoker grill in the oven and the temperature (set at 350° F) would rise to above 350 and below 350 (as much as 50 degree...
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    FIXED Frigidaire Gas Range FFGS3025PSP - oven won’t hold temp

    Greetings, I’ve looked through the other oven threads but wanted to check in, in case somehow this oven is different than the others. I apologize for overlap in solutions. We’re running on propane. The range is almost 7 years old and I don’t know that the oven ever worked properly but I’m...
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    WFG540H0AS Intermittent Ignition Problems and Oven not keeping temp

    I started having issues with this oven ever since it was about 4 years old. The problem is that the issues are intermittent and every time a service person would come out - the stove would work perfectly. There are two main problems with it. #1 The first problem has been happening for about 3...
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    FIXED Frigidaire Gas Range Still Won't Light, Bake or Broil; Replaced Ignitor Today

    The Bake/Broiler function on our Frigidaire Gas Range suddenly stopped working. The oven had been used successfully just the night before. I will note that it had been taking longer and longer for the oven to preheat. The top stove burners work fine, and the digital displays for the oven...
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    Chopping board melted down vents in cooker :s how big a problem?

    Hi Rather embarassing, but I used my cooker oven with a couple of baking trays piled on top of it. Unfortunately there was a plastic chopping board between the baking trays, which has got hot and melted down the back of the cooker. There was quite a bit of plastic pooled on the top of the...
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    FIXED Frigidaire Gas Range- Need Logic Board?

    Hi! I bought a used Frigidaire gas range, Model Number: FGFL79DBE (serial number VF54710808). We converted it from Natural Gas to LP and the burners and broiler work fine. The oven, however, does not. Most times it will not light at all, but occassionally it will glow orange, start to heat and...
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    GE Profile Gas Range Will Not Heat Up - JGS968S0H3SS

    Everything works on oven except it will not heat up for Bake or Convection oven. Burners Broiler Clock and everything works. Does not heat up for Bake Style# JGS968S0H3SS Any solutions would be appreciated:)
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