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    MLG2000AWW Maytag Neptune Stack - Washer starts then quits

    I have a Maytag Neptune Stacked Gas Center. It's a great model and does good work, unfortunately recently it stopped working. I'm a father of 5, and we use unit heavily, but it's a work horse and love it. The issue with the unit is that when you put towels inside, I turn the knob to heavy, max...
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    FIXED 110.72332512 Kenmore Dryer series 200 solenoid not opening.

    I purchased a Kenmore series 200 gas dryer new, from Home Depot. The unit was delivered to my freight forwarded and shipped to me in Fiji. The trip took almost 10 months. Upon arrival, there was no visible damage to the box. Upon trying to get it going I needed to switch it over for propane...
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    FIXED MLG2000AWW Maytag Stackable - washer shuts off after first wash cycle; Also runs past final spin into next cycle

    Hi have an almost 20 yr old stackable Neptune that has been a decent reliable machine. When i turn the dial to the start of the wash cycle and press the start button, the machine fills, the lights for operation go on, it agitates and the lock engages and light goes on---but then about 5...
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    CGS750P4M3W2 GE Cafe gas range - insert to go back down in to this hole where the fan is

    I have no idea how to get this insert to go back down in to this hole where the fan is. Can someone please advise 😭
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    Frigidaire Range FGF348KCD - gas oven not heating

    Oven and broiler will not heat. I've checked the igniter - it is not warming up at all, but conductivity looks fine. I've actually replaced that igniter within the past couple years and I don't think it is the problem. I also checked the temperature probe - resistance is within the correct...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Gas Dryer LGR7646EQ3 Working Normally After Repair, Gas Smell When Not Running For Days

    This is a 20 year old Whirlpool gas dryer. About a month ago, we noticed that the clothes were still wet at the end of the normal cycle. It would create heat at the start of the cycle, but cut off after a few minutes. With a multimeter, I tested the thermal fuse, the dryer igniter, the gas valve...
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    Samsung Gas Range NX58H5600SS/AA -te- error code tried pcb & switch membrane

    Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day!. Well I thought I could fix our 3 year old, (new I thought) gas range. So far everything I have tried has failed, so I have broken down and come to you here for help:) My Samsung unit has a model number: NX58H5600SS/AA Feb 2019...
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    AGQ8700FS1 Frigidaire Affinity Gas Dryer not heating, shutting off mid-cycle, three blinking lights.

    Our dryer started doing this while I was out on a work trip and am just not starting to trouble shoot. If anyone. can help with some basic trouble shooting steps or If anyone could help me with a tech sheet/ how to get into diagnostic mode, it would be appreciated. All the best!
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    FIXED NX58R4311SS/AA Samsung Gas Oven - bake/broil and oven light do not work.

    Our NX58R4311SS/AA Samsung gas oven/range is almost 2 years old. First noticed the oven not heating in bake mode yesterday. Luckily a neighbor let us bake a cake in their oven! (Happy Birthday Grandma!) Today I am searching forums, preparing to debug and find the problem. I haven't found any...
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    FIXED GE gas slide-in oven cooktop, PGS908SEP3SS Thermal Fuse

    GE Model PGS908SEP3SS Thermal Fuse - The control panel stopped working after the customer used the broiler for fifteen minutes straight. I figured it was the thermal fuse but I didn't figure on how difficult it was to get too! I couldn't find any tutorial on the best way to replace this fuse nor...
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    Kenmore Range Model No. 79073433314 Oven not heating

    I am having an issue identifying what is wrong with my Kenmore Range. The model no. is 79073433314. The other day I went to turn on my oven to preheat and there is no heat or sound that there is gas being sent to the oven. I do have propane...first thing I checked, but I am struggling to...
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    Emprava gas cook top

    New Emprave Gas cooktop from Home Depot. Its a inexpensive cooktop, seems to be well made and looks great. However after I light the burner(s), gas flow goes to minimum. I guess until the thermocouple warms up it keeps gas at minimum, safety thing. The problem , it takes sometimes takes 5-7...
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    Kenmore Range 790.74503 Gas valve seized and no longer available

    I have a Kenmore Dual Fuel Range Model range 790.74503. My front left burner valve is seized, and the little tab on the valve stem has broken off. The part number is 318087312, but it is no longer available. What are my options? The valve is seized in the closed position, so I can use the other...
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    FIXED KitchenAid Range KSGG700ESS0 Oven Not Lighting

    Hi, my oven is not lighting, and I haven't been able to track down the troubleshooting steps for this model in the forums. We used the oven last night at 500 and this morning it won't light. There is no gas released and no clicking, except for one faint sound after Start is pressed. Neither bake...
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    FIXED 110.82826101 Kenmore HE3 Gas Dryer will not start

    Our HE3 gas dryer decided not to run today. Here's what I've done so far... Unit powers up fine Drum spins fine by hand You can select a cycle as normal - selected cycle indicator light on and timer displays But when you press start nothing happens. Drum does not rotate and gas does not fire...
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    VGIC365-4QBKM Viking Oven - two burners - both start fine - one shuts off

    I have An issue with my Viking oven. It was installed almost 20 years ago. Due to the stay at home protocols we have been cooking more. We noticed that the time it takes to warm up the oven is very long, 20 minutes plus. I took the oven apart and noticed that both burners had large holes...
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    JGBP35BEA2BB GE gas range broiler - weak flame with gas smell

    The oven in my gas range is working but the broiler has been acting up over the last month or so. When I turn the broiler on hi, the igniter glows within 10 seconds and stays on, but the gas flame is weak and sometimes is burning on only half of the burner tube, and the flame flutters a bit...
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    Amana Range ARG7301WW, replaced bake igniter, now I smell gas and feel sick

    Re: Amana oven model ARG7301WW MFG P1143324NWW sn 9712194410, propane. After years of slow starts, "boom" starts, and slow heats, but no other problems, I decided finally to replace the bake igniter. I bought igniter 31940001 and installed it. I now have no booms, and rapid starts, and rapid...
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    LSG4513ST LG gas range gas smell after oven is lit

    The oven in my LG convection gas range (model LSG4513ST) quit working. I called a tech out to troubleshoot. He indicated a faulty ignitor and replaced it. (not with a factory part, but he said it would work just fine.) Now when I ask for heat from the oven, the ignitor lights up, the gas gets...
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    30+ year old Maytag Wall Oven slow leak at safety valve

    Hi all, I have a very old Maytag Wall over (30+ yrs old) like. It has a slow leak at the safety valve. (At least I'm assuming, the leak was pinpointed to that area). Unfortunately the safety valve is discontinued (7501P134-60). Would I be able to to purchase a different safety valve, say...
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