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    JGBP35BEA2BB GE gas range broiler - weak flame with gas smell

    The oven in my gas range is working but the broiler has been acting up over the last month or so. When I turn the broiler on hi, the igniter glows within 10 seconds and stays on, but the gas flame is weak and sometimes is burning on only half of the burner tube, and the flame flutters a bit...
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    Amana Range ARG7301WW, replaced bake igniter, now I smell gas and feel sick

    Re: Amana oven model ARG7301WW MFG P1143324NWW sn 9712194410, propane. After years of slow starts, "boom" starts, and slow heats, but no other problems, I decided finally to replace the bake igniter. I bought igniter 31940001 and installed it. I now have no booms, and rapid starts, and rapid...
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    LSG4513ST LG gas range gas smell after oven is lit

    The oven in my LG convection gas range (model LSG4513ST) quit working. I called a tech out to troubleshoot. He indicated a faulty ignitor and replaced it. (not with a factory part, but he said it would work just fine.) Now when I ask for heat from the oven, the ignitor lights up, the gas gets...
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    30+ year old Maytag Wall Oven slow leak at safety valve

    Hi all, I have a very old Maytag Wall over (30+ yrs old) like. It has a slow leak at the safety valve. (At least I'm assuming, the leak was pinpointed to that area). Unfortunately the safety valve is discontinued (7501P134-60). Would I be able to to purchase a different safety valve, say...
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    Neptune MCG8000AWW Bypass

    I have dual cabinet gas dryer that works in diagnostic mode and shows error code of stuck button. Can't tell which button(s) because all lights don't go out on button test. I suspect Start button, but not sure. 1. How to determine if or which buttons are stuck, especially Start button. 2...
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    Dacor DRT336SLP Gas Cooktop - Broken Igniter

    The igniter on one of my dual burners has broken in two, and the piece still attached gives a spark too low to ignite the gas. I cannot find any information or videos on how to remove it to install a new one. Has anyone got experience with this model that can tell me the procedure? Thanks.
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    FIXED M1XR504T6FBN5 Bradford White Defender Gas Water Heater - Pilot light keeps going out

    I have a Bradford White Defender gas water heater. Over Memorial Day weekend, we stopped having hot water. I thought that I would have to buy a new water heater. After a couple of days, I decided to see if the pilot light had gone out and tried re-light it on Memorial Day. It relit and we...
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    Maytag Neptune Dryer MDG5500AWW dryer not starting

    This is a gas dryer. We had a power surge and the dryer stopped working. The light inside the drum comes on. The panel LEDs do not light up. The thermal fuse has continuity. So does the thermostat. And the two sensors that attach to the combustion chamber have continuity. The igniter has the...
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    Maytag MGDC400BW2 Gas Dryer squealing

    My 3 year old Maytag Centennial Gas Dryer is squealing/squeaking- Still heating though- Any idea on what it could be? Can I fix myself? I know Maytag has 10 year limited parts/warranty as well? Thanks
  10. R

    MGT8885XB02 Maytag Gemini natural gas range knob will not turn

    The range knob broke so I took off the face plate and looked at the assembly. I tried to turn the dial with a pair of pliers but it still wouldn't turn on. Is there anything else I should try or a part that I should replace?
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    Whirlpool duet gas dryer GGW9200LW0 No longer heating.

    Hello everyone, I was given a whirlpool duet gas dryer for free. I hooked it up and it worked great for a few times. kept tripping the breaker and now the dryer doesn't heat. (I live in a small mobile home and whoever installed the electric was a moron). We trip breakers all the time...
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    WGD9200SQ0 Whirlpool Duet Not Heating - Gas smell in drum

    Hi All, Gas dryer not heating up. Ignitor glows but when gas valves "clicks" it goes out. No flame. I suspect it is the gas valve solenoid coils and have ordered replacements. My question is: I smell gas inside the drum when this happens. That doesn't seem consistent with the solenoid...
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    No heat. Gas dryer, pulling my hair out. PLEASE help

    Purchased this dyer aprx. 3-4 years ago and has worked fine up until about maybe a month or two ago when intermitent no heat was observed. You could do a "more heat" cycle maybe two times before the 3rd actually dried. Then I lost heat completely. Observed no glow from ignitor. Took apart dryer...
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    Starting a 1920 Antique Magic Chef Oven for the first time

    We have a beautiful 1920's era Magic Chef Gas Oven, but I don't know what I need to do to run it on propane. I've never had it setup or working, so I don't know if it's intended for LP or NG. Nor do I know if I need a regulator or how to hook it up to a propane bottle. I found a direct hose...
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    Viking Oven Problem

    I seem to be having a problem with my Viking oven. In the last year, or two I've replaced the ignition (spark) module on the left side and one, or (I can't remember) both igniters in the oven and the broiler igniter - I have some experience with Viking repair! Recently, I've noticed that if I...
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    Maytag Gas Over Electric Heater

    Hi... This isn't exactly a repair issue (and I'm trying to learn about it so it doesn't become one.) We have a Maytag gas oven model MGS5770ADW. While we've had it for about ten years, we only recently noticed that there's a big heating element at the top of the oven, of the kind you'd find in...
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    Speed Queen Dryer Won't Start

    Hi guys, long time no see! My dryer is natural gas, if that matters. This started a couple of weeks ago, like this: I pushed the timer to start it, and it made a buzzing noise before it started. Then it ran a few times just fine, then did it again. Then one day it would not start, it just...
  18. S

    Old dryer... is it gas or electric?

    I don't have the dryer in eye sight so I can't check the back, but I need to figure out if it's gas or electric. Does anyone know if this old model is gas or electric? The dryer needs some repairs, and I know many parts aren't being made anymore. Bummer, but maybe it's time for a new dryer...
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    Heatilator LP gas fireplace

    Any techs work on these? Just goes out while it is burning and very difficult to get to ignite to full flame. There is a thermocouple and a thermopile on main valve. Don't understand the latter's function.
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    Wolf CP36 G/S Gas Cooktop 1 igniter has failed.

    I have a Wolf gas range, CP36 G/S. No oven is attached. One of the burners has had a problem for a while, I turn that burner on and the spark unit sparks, the gas starts and lights, but the spark lighter keeps clicking and sparking. Yesterday, that one burner did not ignite...