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    Need new gasket for old GE wall oven - can't find model number

    Hi, we love our GE wall oven so much! Just noticed that the gasket has failed - looks like a section got hot. I cannot see a model number anywhere. Would love some help figuring out how to find the right replacement gasket. Thanks.
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    665.13293K116 Grommet/gasket between diverter and sump - Which direction does it install?

    After discovering a leak between my diverter (part W10476222) and sump, I researched and ordered a new gasket with garter spring for my Kenmore 66513293.K116 dishwasher. However, there doesn't appear to be consensus on which way is 'correct' to install it. The one I pulled out had the...
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    RF263AEBP Freezer gasket needs replaced

    Freezer gasket may need replacing on this bottom drawer freezer. Is this a job that can be done by DIY? Any hints or tips.
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    1968 Hotpoint Range

    Model Number: 108RCS 36J Brand: Hotpoint Age: More than 10 years Looking to replace the oven gasket. It attaches to the oven and not the door. I believe I need to remove a screw in the oven and then working in back some sort of clip. This allows the liner to pull forward and facilitate...
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    FIXED KDTE104ESS Kitchenaid Dishwasher Soap Dispenser escaping gasket

    Back in January, we bought a new Kitchenaid dishwasher model KDTE104ESS. Shortly thereafter, the soft rubber gasket in the soap dispenser sliding door started to slip out of place. I'm not sure this gasket is really necessary but there is an easy fix if you encounter this problem. This fix...
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    FIXED LDF8072ST LG Dishwasher Leak W/ Video

    All, I continue to have issues with our LG dishwasher. To begin with began noticing that after a dishwashing cycle was completed there would be water pooling/didn't seem to drain out. Over time, it seemed that the level increased where finally the dishwasher wouldn't start and we got an error...
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    FIXED Fridge door gap

    There is a noticeable gap between the door gasket and the frame of the fridge. The door looks straight but the gasket's magnet doesn't seem to stick to the fridge frame. The door offers no resistance when opening. How can the gasket's magnet go bad? Will a new gasket resolve the issue? Are all...
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    Diplomat APM6127 - New seal

    I am trying to replace the seal on my Diplomat APM6217 freezer The original seal appears to be held in place with a panel but I can't work out how to remove it. Any advice?