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    GE Cafe French Door Refrigerator was unplugged during kitchen floor remodel and will not turn back on.

    My GE (G00 CFCP1SS ) Cafe with French Doors was unplugged and moved when sanding floors for remodel and will not turn back on. I have tried the most basic method of restarting it by unplugging and replugging, but to no avail. A little googling said it might be something with the motherboard but...
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    GE Cafe range CGY366SEL1SS how to remove control panel

    How too remove control panel
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    GE Cafe CHS950P2MS1 induction range control board replacement

    Hi, I have a GE Cafe induction range and the cooktop stopped working. The 'burners' turn ON and then shut themselves off after a few seconds - just as if there was nothing on the cooktop. A GE rep came out to diagnose and told me that I need to replace the control module WB27X30357 ($650). The...
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    Smell of gas from oven when being used - GE Café (GE Cafe) Series Range - Model: CGS985SETSS

    When we moved into our new home in Richmond, Virginia last July it came with an 8-year old GE Café (GE Cafe) Series Range - Model: CGS985SETSS manufactured in March 2012 (Contractor installed). During the hot summer, we could smell gas 50% of the time the oven was used in convection-mode and 0%...
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    GE cafe CFE28TSHOSS Freezer not working

    The freezer is not working. Refrigerator is cool. The fan blades inside were frozen. Allowed to defrost cleaned everything out. Fan is working now however the freeze temperature will not go down. Any suggestions what it could be?
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    Need help/guide - how to replace front manifold panel on 30" GE Cafe C2S986SELSS Dual Fuel Range - Part # WB36X28215 (see pic)

    Hello, any help is greatly appreciated on how to replace/remove the front manifold panel on my GE CAFE Dual Fuel range...the top was damaged/dented..believe the correct part # from a breakout is # WB36X28215, please correct me if wrong... Also, how easy is this, how do the front knobs come...
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    FIXED CFE29TSDDSS Ice build up in freezer roof and fan abnormally runs after shutting fridge door

    I have a GE Cafe CFE29TSDDSS. (French Door) There is significant ice build up on the roof of the freezer and some standing water when open the freezer drawer. After opening the left door of the fridge you can hear a fan buzz more than I could ever remember. It lasts for a few minutes. Could it...
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    FIXED CDT765SSF0SS GE Cafe Dishwasher is not filling completely.

    Hello, I have a GE Cafe Dishwasher [CDT765SSF0SS]. It has stopped washing in the last few weeks. So far I have replaced the inlet valve, removed the spray arms and cleaned them, and ran through the service mode. If I look into the dishwasher while a cycle is running (crack the door and keep...
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    CFSP5RKBBSS *VIDEO* GE Cafe Refrigerator Warm Fridge Cool Freezer

    Hello everyone I have a GE café refrigerator. Initially, I was having a problem where the refrigerator and the freezer. Replaced a fan in my freezer. Things are fine. A few months after the repair the issue resurfaced the refrigerator and freezer begin to start getting cold again. Then, things...
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    GE Cafe 2013 Ice Buildup

    Every 6 months since buying this GE Cafe fridge, the fan in the fridge makes noise, due to ice buildup in the panel behind the produce drawers creeping up and hitting the fan. My solution has been to remove the drawers, panel, etc and defrost the ice with a hairdryer, but inevitably the ice...
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    GE Cafe Dishwasher no power

    It appears that I have no power to the dishwasher by looking at the control panel on the top of the door. When I test for power underneath the dishwasher it does appear that there is power. Is there a fuse in this model that might be bad? Do you know what tests I can do to isolate the broken...