ge dishwasher dead

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    GDT535PSM0SS DISHWASHER We had to keep resetting the breaker to get the dishwasher to run a cycle and now it is completely dead. We replaced the UI Board and main control board. After everything was replaced, there was a rapid blinking LED light on the main control board. At a loss now...
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    FIXED GDT695SFL5DS UI blank, control board steady green flashing light

    GDT695SFL5DS UI blank, control board green rapidly flashing light. unplugged unit while removing control board to look for LED status and the confirm power. Behind the kick plate is a factory folded paper circuit diagram that says the control board flashing green light means power is...
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    GE ZDT915SIJ2II Dishwasher dead

    Dishwasher will not run. Power is ok but completely dead.
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    GE dishwasher GDT545PSJ2SS won't power up....

    NEWBIE HERE....Woke up this morning, went to turn on the dishwasher and it was completely dead. No lights, no beeps, nothing! Check the circuIt breakers outside and everything looked fine. I can't imagine that it would be unplugged, but without removing the dishwasher to see the outlet behind...
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    GE Dishwasher GDF610PGJ2WW Control Panel will not light up

    Hello, I'm having issues with my dishwasher. The control panel will not "light up". It acts like the electricity is off. I open and close the door. I have even turned off my circuit breaker for the dishwasher... turned it back on. It has previously worked. But now it's not. I had called an...
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    GDF620HSJSS Dishwasher dead again after power outage

    GDF620HSJSS Purchased 2016 BACKSTORY: About ten months ago, our dishwasher wouldn’t run. It just beeped occasionally. After following the advice here, I purchased a new control board and installed it which resolved our issues. CURRENT ISSUE: About ten days ago, we had heavy storms and lost...
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    PDT825SGJ2WW GE dishwasher dead

    Newer style GE, was told these were Haier made? Anyway, unit is dead. Had power from wall, wire nuts good. Don't see any fuse anywhere. This style has the board under was tub. Customer states this is the second dishwasher installed for same problem? Should I shot gun board? Or a control panel...
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