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    FIXED DDT595SMJ0ES GE Dishwasher Flashing orange light

    Hi I have a GE dishwasher, model #DDT595SMJ0ES. After selecting cycle and pressing start, when I close the door, it does not start the cycle and the orange light keeps flashing. Usually that happens when the door is open so I initially thought it was the door latch-part # WD21X10490 and replaced...
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    GDT655SSJ0SS GE Dishwasher won't start

    Hello, When I try to start my dishwasher, I get a continuous blinking yellow light and a few beeps. I reset using the buttons and when that didn't work I turned off the breaker and waited till the next morning and that didn't work either. This model dishwasher, GDT655SSJSS, you push the...
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    GDF520PGJ2BB have power but no lights

    I have 110v to the dishwasher and control board. I have replaced the main control board but still do not have any lights on the dishwasher display. It used to beep about every 15 min or so and would randomly not have power. But would always turn back on and work. But now it is dead.
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    FIXED GE GDT580SSF8SS Not Heating

    Hi all, I saw a few threads on this in the forum, but I have replaced the parts that seem to be the solution for others (flood switch and heating element). However, I still have no heat. Should I be looking at the TCO? Any other suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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    FIXED GE GDWT166V00SS drains while washing

    Hey all. My dishwasher runs out of water. When cold, it only drains when in cycle. As it heats up, hot water and steam, half way through the wash, it will begin to stream water out the drain. No pressure, I can stop it by thumb pressure. When I open the door to stop the machine it stops flowing...
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    GDF510PSD2SS GE Dishwasher drain problem, repair or buy new one?

    Hello and thanks for reading. Yesterday I had a appliance repair man at my house to take a look at my 5 year old GE dishwasher. It was first started making a crackling noise like there was a small piece of glass stuck in it and then not draining. I watched a couple of youtube videos and cleaned...
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    FIXED PDT825SSJ0SS GE Profile dishwasher, control panel lights not working and non-responsive

    The dishwasher was bought in late 2016 and installed in January 2017. We had a snow storm today with power flickers throughout the day. The dishwasher was running at the start of the power flickers. We did not re-start it after the first power flicker. The control panel is now...
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    FIXED GDF610PMJ2ES Dishwasher won't heat.

    We were given this dishwasher knowing that it wouldn't heat but if it can be fixed we need it. Everything operates correctly except the heat. It is correctly connected to hot water. We have tested the temperature at the faucet and it is about 120. We tested the temperature after it filled up...
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    GDF520PGJ2WW GE Dishwasher will not stop running

    Dishwasher does not stop running. It seems to be stuck in the wash / rinse / drain cycle and never gets to the "heated dry" cycle. I have let it run for 3.5 hours completely empty and had to manually stop the cycle. Any idea what could be wrong with it?
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    GSD3300D35BB GE Dishwasher Draining Issue

    Hello All, I would appreciate any help you can provide for an issue I'm having. I consider myself pretty handy with tools and diagnosing issues like this, but I just can't figure this one out. You'll see that I've tried alot, but there must be something I'm missing. Background - Dishwasher...
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    GSD6600G03WW GE Triton XL Front Bottom Leak

    I have a GE Triton XL dishwasher that is leaking a large amount soon after starting from the bottom of the front middle.
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    FIXED PDT750SSF1SS GE dishwasher drying fan stays on

    The fan in my dishwasher stays on all the time, when the door is open and closed, 24 hours a day. I tried to reset the dishwasher by unplugging for some time but that did not fix it. All the cycles still work but the drying fan stays on throughout the cycle and after the cycle completes. Any...
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    GSD6610K01SB GE Dishwasher middle arm not spinning

    Top and bottom arms spin. I've cleared the sump and screens. Managed to pick out all of the junk in the middle arm. The middle arm is getting water just fine, but it won't spin. What am I missing?? Model # GSD6610K01SB
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    GDF520PGJ0WW Video: GE Dishwasher Grinding Noise

    I have a GDF520PGJ0WW that makes a grinding noise. It is about two years old. After observing a few cycles it sounds like it only happens when it pumps. Here is a video... I'm guessing I need a new drain pump. Any second opinions? Part...
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    FIXED GDT580SGF0WW GE dishwasher not heating, tried several things, What's next?

    I've had this dishwasher for about 2.5 years and I've had multiple problems with it. Now it is not heating. Here's what the symptoms are: The dishwasher will cycle entirely through and the dishes come out slightly cleaned but still dirty. The butter, oily, waxy things are still on the...
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    GE Dishwasher runs, but doesn't wash

    This is a Canadian model GE dishwasher. On all wash options the tub fills and drains as normal, but none of the arms move. Water does flow through the arms though. It drains fine at the end of the cycle, having not washed anything. I have cleaned the sump and the filters, but there is no...
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    Keypad control lights do not come on, beeps

    Replaced faulty GE control board (GE part number WD21X10365) with new one. When I plug dishwasher in to power, the new control board emits a constant beep. Keypad control lights do not come on and button pad does not respond. I figured that I got a bad replacement control board, so I...
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    GE Dishwasher thinks it is not able to drain. Get a code C1 then C2. 21 years old.

    My dishwasher is 21 years old, GE profile. I get a code C1 that turns into a C2. This means that it has been trying to drain for more than 7 minutes, and thinks it is not successful. Everything I read talks about how to fix a real problem when there is standing water. But what I have...
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    FIXED GE Dishwasher won't fill

    The tub on our GE dishwasher doesn't fill to the proper level. The float and float switch are clean and seem to move properly. When filling, the water seems to enter the d/w rather slowly. My impression is that when it used to work properly, the water would "rush" in during filling based on the...
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    ge dishwasher won't fill and lights blinking

    Stumper! Dishwasher control buttons are blinking, dishwasher will not fill even after replacing inlet valve.