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ge french door

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    FIXED GE Profile Fridge PWE23KMDDES Fridge Not Cooling, Freezer OK, Z1 Blinking Light on Control Board

    Hello, Our PWE23KMMDES GE Profile Energy Star French Door fridge has not been working properly for weeks. The defroster is not working correctly and ice/frost builds up on the evaporator coils in the back of the fridge panel. The fridge will go up to 60 degrees but freezer is fine. We have been...
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    FIXED DFE29JMDCES Freezer Cold, but fridge not cooling - GE Adora Slate French Door

    Have a GE Adora French Door bottom freezer. Freezer is working fine at -2, but fridge is only at 61. The bottom deli tray drawer is freezing food. I think it may be the fan, but I have no idea where it is in this unit to check it. Also, wondering if I would need to run a software update if I...

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