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    GE Refrigerator GSE23GYPBCFS "ERR" Solution Needed

    RFID water filter (XWFE) for side-by-side refrigerator (GSE23GYPBCFS) initially dispenses water for 30 seconds then the "err" code indicates the water filter isn't detected (description in troubleshooting section of manual). When I enter developer/service mode (by pressing all 4 temperature...
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    1950’s GE combination refrigerator

    I picked up a beautiful GE combination fridge. Plugged in and thought it was working. However, it doesn’t get cold. I hear the hum of the compressor. The unit is in really good shape. I don’t think it has to do with wiring. This is the same fridge my grandparents had. So it is sentimental. Is...
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    FIXED GE Profile Fridge PWE23KMDDES Fridge Not Cooling, Freezer OK, Z1 Blinking Light on Control Board

    Hello, Our PWE23KMMDES GE Profile Energy Star French Door fridge has not been working properly for weeks. The defroster is not working correctly and ice/frost builds up on the evaporator coils in the back of the fridge panel. The fridge will go up to 60 degrees but freezer is fine. We have been...
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    GFE28GSKSS GE Compressor is Loud, can I cover with sound dampening material?

    Hi, We just bought a new GE fridge and my partner is complaining about the noise when it turns on. I pulled it away from the wall and removed the bottom cover to be-able to listen closely. I found that most of the noise is coming from (what I believe to be) the compressor. When I put my ear...
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    GE top freezer smells--leaking to fridge

    Hello, we are having an issue with our freezer smelling. It seems to be a 'nutty' or slightly chemically smell. A little like old stale cardboard? It's really hard to describe. It started smelling like this out of the blue one day. We had no freezer burned food, rotten food, or anything new or...
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    1951 (?) GE Fridge

    First, I'm not sure I found the model number. Nothing shows up in my searches online when I type in what I've found. I've posted pics of the two decals I found to see if either are the model plus a picture of the fridge if anyone can tell me anything about it. Most important at this moment: I...
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    Side by side fridge/freezer warm only on top

    Hello, I have GSS25WGSBBB GE Fridge that is warm at the top. Items on the bottom 50% of the fridge and freezer stay cold, but anything above that is almost as warm as room temperature. Also, the very bottom of the fridge gets frozen. Right before it started getting war, there was a fan type...
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