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    FIXED GE Monogram ZTSX1DPSN1SS making a buzzing noise during cool down

    We bought a GE Monogram ZTSX1DPSN1SS several months ago. It has steadily been making a buzzing sound during cool down. It was soft at first but has become progressively louder and more consistent over time. Now it sounds like this every time we use it and have turned the temperature to off. I...
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    ZET3038SH3SS GE Monogram Oven that 90% of the time requires us to flip our breaker before it'll get hot. Need some repair advice.

    My wife and I have a GE Monogram Oven. Product Link 1 Product Link 2 Our specific model is ZET3038SH3SS We've been having this weird issue where we turn on the oven and the heating element won't get hot even if we wait 15 minutes. It's cool the touch. The oven light turns on, the control...
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    How to remove front control panel from GE Monogram wall oven? (ZET1RM4SS)

    we have an approximately 10-year-old Monogram oven (ZET1RM4SS) where the key panel has gone completely dead. the display itself does show the time and the oven will beep every 30 seconds or so. Because that's so annoying, we've turned it off at the breaker. :) I've seen a couple of YouTube...
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    GE Monogram Refrigerator ZISS480DRGSS Water Dispenser Control Board no Power

    I replaced the housing on my water dispenser which had broken. I've taken the door off and worked on the dispenser a number of times in the 16 years we've owned this fridge. When I was screwing the housing back in after reconnecting the control board I heard a pop which I thought might be...
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    FIXED GE Monogram Dishwasher ZDT915SSJ0SS UI screen went out and stopped displaying

    Hello All, I searched the forums and threads pretty well and did not see or find a solution for my situation. I’ll do my best to describe below. UI screen that displays the dishwasher cycle's etc. went out and stopped displaying. I ordered the a new one from My exact part...
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    GE Monogram ZISB420DMB Ice forming on tube from evaporator at the compressor

    Hello, My GE has had previous issues with the evaporator fan and condenser, but it has been working OK recently. However, in the past 2 weeks I noticed that ice had formed around a tube coming from the evaporator, as shown in the attached photo. Melting ice from this formation is dripping down...
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    ZIRP360NXARH Temperature won't go below 40 degrees

    Fridge won't go below 40 degrees. Has been like this for maybe 2-3 years. Feeling like it is time to repair it. Similar thread was started by another user (Boonie) on 2/1/19. Their's was the "integrated" model and mine is the "professional" (presumably noted with the "P" in the model #)...
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    BIS42CKC GE Monogram Refrigerator rust/condensation on Evaporator Housing

    I've attached a photo and diagram to help assist in my explanation of the post. Our 28 year old BIS42CKC GE Refrigerator is running and cooling well. However, with the Refrigeration Unit positioned above, and the Evaporator Housing placed to the left side, the left side Exterior has developed...
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    GE Mongram ZISS480DRCS compressor short cycling

    I have a 13 year old GE Monogram refrigerator. Initially, it did not cool (both fridge and freezer at 72) and a local technician came and diagnosed that the compressor appeared OK, but the invertor would need to be replaced. I replaced this (updated, improved version) and now after 3 days the...
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    ZISS48DCASS GE Monogram Lights Out, Also lights in freezer control dials are out

    The lights are out in the fridge size, but working fine in the freezer. Additionally, the lights in the dials that control the temperature are also out, so this is definitely more than a bulb. Any ideas where I should start? Thank you.
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    ZFSB23DRESS GE Monogram side-by-side, Temperature not holding, Condensation in refrigerator

    Need some help/guidance. My GE monogram isn't holding temperature. I set the refrigerator to 32F and it stays at 43F. On the freezer side, set to zero, it floats between -1F and 1F. In addition, I'm getting a lot of condensation on the refrigerator side which I need to wipe down daily to...
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    ZISS420DRAS GE Monogram built-in temp displays OFF OFF

    GE Monogram built-in displays OFF OFF for freezer and fridge temp. This happens rarely but when it does everything melts in freezer if I dont catch it. Last time I caught it and tried to adjust temp down it did not change the TEMP display from OFF OFF. So I powered down and restarted - still...
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    Bottom freezer drawer does not close

    The bottom freezer drawer did not close completely with a small opening (about 1/8 inch) on the left side. I replaced the worn rubber gasket seal it did not helped. I checked the rails, they worked fine and there was not any obstacle there. I took the front of the drawer off and checked how...
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