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    Vintage late 1950s GE j308 electric range heating element

    Hi there. My dad has an old GE hotpoint range with the model number J308T1WH126 on it. The bottom heating element went and I'm hoping to find one that could replace that. The one in there now is length-17in x width 20in and the distance from the prongs that get hooked up are 1 3/4in apart...
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    FIXED JTP86SH4SS GE Oven Not completing self clean

    Hi I have a GE wall oven model #JTP86SH4SS which normally works fine, but when I try to use self clean mode; after a while it turns off and does not complete the self clean cycle. I am not sure which part to replace. This is a microwave/oven combo built into wall. Any help is appreciated, thank...
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    FIXED PGB918DEM2WW Meat Probe indicator no longer shows on oven display.

    First time post and appreciate the help. My oven meat probe no longer works. I purchased a new probe because our old one was cracked near the plug. I plugged the new probe in and I briefly got a "probe" indication on the display but it disappeared. I tried twisting the probe and removing and...
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    JGBP88SEM2SS GE Oven over heats and cuts

    My GE oven,heats up and quickly in a space of less than 2mins reaches the highest temperature range , beeps and then goes off. Been struggling with it, pls help out.
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    JK25 Oven "Outer" Part of Door Is Loose

    I have a GE double wall oven that was made in the 70s, and the "outer door" part of the top oven is loose. The door as a whole closes and seals, but whenever I open the door, there is an extra "pull" that happens where the outer part of the door on the left side seems to be disconnected from the...
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    Am I missing something? No Oven light switch?

    Hi everyone, i apologize this is a very basic question. I just moved into a home in which the previous owners replaced all the kitchen appliances with new GE appliances. The wall oven they purchased is the JCK1000SFSS and it does not seem to have an external light switch or any switch on the...
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