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    What is my fix for this GE Profile Convection oven #JT965WFWW…the microwave portion works great

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    GE Dishwasher PDT715SMN2ES Not Drying or Heating

    Dishwasher is 1.5 years old and has worked perfectly until recent. At first I thought it was just an issue with my dishes being wet after a cycle was ran. After watching it now I notice the water does not seem to get hot anymore, in the past you could feel the side of the cabinet and it would be...
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    GE Profile Range PGB995DET1WW - new oven bake Igniter glow bar not working

    GE PROFILE PGB995DET1WW double oven -Top oven stopped working. Replaced the igniter glow bar - WB13X25263 because the old one was broken, but the new igniter does not get hot or glow at all. Resistance measured at 108 ohms, but the wires that plug into the igniter are only getting 12 volts when...
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    GE Refrigerator PFE29PSDASS not working , compressor not running, Inverter and motherboard replaced both brand new.

    Please help with my fridge, is not cooling at all, all LED lights working ok, temperature display shows correct temp at 69f (room temperature) the only thing running besides LED lights and display is the small outside cooling fan. I have replaced the inverter first without luck, i got 120vac...
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    FIXED GDF610PMJ2ES GE Profile Dishwasher no lights on door control panel.

    We have a GE profile dishwasher that all the sudden stopped showing lights on the door control panel. Holding the start and cycle select together will not go into service mode. I took the kickplate off and confirmed that there is 120 V at the main control board and we have a green solid light...
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    FIXED GE Profile PDW8880L00SS Stops mid-cycle but able to complete full cycle after retries

    Hi All, I have a GE Profile dishwasher, Model PDW8880L00SS that's about 14-15 years old. It was moderately used, if that much, over the years, but with COVID, we have stayed home a lot more and that results in more dishes. Hence, we now use the dishwasher on a daily basis. In the last...
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    FIXED GE Profile Fridge PWE23KMDDES Fridge Not Cooling, Freezer OK, Z1 Blinking Light on Control Board

    Hello, Our PWE23KMMDES GE Profile Energy Star French Door fridge has not been working properly for weeks. The defroster is not working correctly and ice/frost builds up on the evaporator coils in the back of the fridge panel. The fridge will go up to 60 degrees but freezer is fine. We have been...
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    FIXED GE Profile PFE29PSDASS Ice Maker Stopped Working

    Hey Everyone! Been Googling all around and can't seem to find a situation similar to mine. Hoping you all can help! I have a PFE29PSDASS who quit producing ice a few days ago. Prior to running diagnostics (silly, I know), I replaced the ice maker assembly, part WR49X31524. It has been a few...
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    PDT825SSJ0SS GE Dishwasher Beeping

    My PDT825SSJ0SS has been beeping the “cycle finished” chime at random for the past few months (typically 3-4 times per day). While annoying, I’ve ignored it since it hasn’t effecting performance, but knowing something might be going wrong. Today, my concerns came to true, as the dishwasher...
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    GE Profile Refrigerator/Freezer vs Non GE Refrigerator/Freezer - Same Style

    Wife and I are looking at the following GE Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator Options: Option #1: GE Profile™ Series 22.1 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Fingerprint Resistant French-Door Refrigerator with Door In Door and Hands-Free AutoFill Model # PYE22KYNFS...
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    PVM2070SM1SS GE Profile Microwave - Replaced Parts but still not heating

    Hi, I am getting beaten up with my GE Profile PVM2070SM1SS I replaced the Diode, Magnetron, Capacitor and now the Transformer also and it still does not heat. I checked the 3 door switches, they are good. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    PSDS5RGXCFSS GE Profile side by side refrigerator losing cool intermittently.

    Hello all, I have a GE Profile, it’s about 10-12 years old and has been kept in garage for the last 2-3 years. Since I have recently completed my basement I plan to move it there but first need to fix an issue it has been having. I have been taking temp measurement of both the freezer side and...
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    FIXED PT970DR2BB Oven/Microwave Combo F9 Error

    Hi everyone, My neighbor has the built-in oven/microwave combo and gets the F9 error every time she has tried to use the self-cleaning function for the past several months. She now says that it is clicking when they are near it. I have read other threads for GE Profile ovens that this is a...
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    GE Profile Refrigerator PSS29NGMDBB temps will not go below 23 & 44

    I was having the same problems as everyone else. Freezer temps would start going up so I would unplug it so it to defrost, then it’d work again for a while. I cleaned the condenser coils and rest of back of fridge, but still had problems. I finally replaced the following parts: (1) defrost...
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    GE profile - bottom freezer model# PFS22MIS/PFS22SIS Temperatures getting warmer

    Temperatures in fridge have been getting warmer for past 3 days - today it’s at 56. But the freezer was good but just started getting warm today, temperature at 14. But it is still making ice, and nothing has started defrosting. Cleaned out the coils in back last night - believe I hear the fans...
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    PFE29PSDASS GE PROFILE Refrigerator warm (64 degrees), freezer is working fine

    Hi... The refrigerator part is not working properly. It is warm. The read out says 64 degrees. The freezer part is fine and is at 0 degrees. I can hear it running. I did the service test 00-49. Not really sure what that was supposed to detect. I vacuumed all the dust from the condensor. I don't...
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    PT956SM1SS GE Double Oven - Random shut off

    GE Double Oven Profile brand - PT956SM1SS Oven has worked fine until recently. When baking the lower oven will turn off randomly - the clock is not effected or timer (if set) is still counting down but the oven is off. It is as if someone pressed the "clear/off" button. We can turn the oven...
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    FIXED PFE29PSDASS Ice Maker Not Making Ice

    Hello. I have an issue with my ice maker not making ice for the last few days. I hear a faint repetitive motor noise, which gets significantly louder when I open the ice maker door, and observe the ice sensing "arm" moving slightly with each succession of the noise. I think a motor is trying...
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    FIXED PFCS1RKZASS GE Profile not regulating temp correctly. Display temp incorrect

    My GE profile fridge is not regulating the temperature correctly. Originally the unit was not cooling due to a bad inverter board. When I replaced this I noticed the 'actual temp' digital display did not change as the unit cooled (both the freezer and fridge). When I unplug the unit and plug it...
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    GE Profile PSDW3YGXCFSS freezer/fridge warms up during the night

    GE PSDW3YGXCFSS side-by-side freezer temp goes up to 5 F (only at night). Fridge side also warms up. During the day w/ opening/closing the fridge, temperatures seem to be holding up. I also see some water accumulation in bottom fridge compartment (may or may not be related). Thx for the help.

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