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    GE Profile Refrigerator Not Cooling/Freezing: PFSS2MIYSS

    Hello, My GE Profile Refrigerator PFSS2MIYSS has stopped cooling- maintaining Fridge/Freezer temps at 50 degrees. I've cleaned/removed all dust from the back of the fridge and condenser coils. After researching online, I replaced (GE Genuine Replacement Parts) the Main Board, Capacitor and...
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    Inconsistent cooling/defrost cycles

    hi all having issues narrowing down fridge problem was having problem after defrost would not 'come back on' some of the time, or run too long/insonsistent intervals if it did. i have a friend who is a tech who came over, checked things out and diagnosed possible defrost system issues..... so...
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    PSF26MGWBB GE Profile Refrigerator Blinking Zeros

    Hi, I have two GE Profile refrigerators. I was having an issue with one of them (freezer would cool down, but would then heat up enough that the ice would begin to melt, then refreeze). From what I have found this tends to be a motherboard symptom. Before buying a new board I wanted to take the...
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    GE Profile Upper Rack not cleaning

    Dishwasher was made in March of 2015 per the serial number. We just moved into a townhouse and the previous owner had this installed. After using it a few times, we realized the upper rack is not cleaning well at all. GE customer support is no help as they claim it's out of warranty and...
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    FIXED GE French Door PFS22SISBSS - Freezer cools inconsistently, real temp disagrees with display.

    Model: GE Profile French door refrigerator PFS22SISBSS. Symptoms: inconsistent cooling, mainly in freezer - refrigerator also starts to get warm. Was leaking water right lower corner of freezer with warm weather. Phoned appliance repair company a week ago, they said it was likely a) a defrost...
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    FIXED GE Profile 3 doors not cooling

    Hi All, First it was occasional temp acting up and fresh food freezing. Now it's no longer cooling at all. Facts/symptoms: Cleaned/vacuumed condenser coils. Condenser fan OK Evaporator fan OK Lights and temp reading OK Compressor seems OK (silent vibration?) No heat from condenser coils...
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    PFSS6PKWASS Freezer is icing over in the back

    I started a new thread because I think I messed up and did not put a descriptive title in the original thread.. and I have a little more information Hello, Been reading for a bit to diagnose my issue(s). I have narrowed things down a bit but would like some confirmation before I order parts...
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    CSHS5UGXSS GE Profile Side by Side - Water dispenser intermittently gets stuck

    Just recently, our water dispenser has been getting stuck in the on position resulting in water all over the place. It doesn't happen every time we get water but has happened three times within the last 24 hours. I bought the service plan on the but of course it's past the 5 years so we are...
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    WPRE6150K2WT GE Profile mode shifter

    I recently replaced the mode shifter due to the inner tub spinning with the agitator and the motor light blinking 4 times. I put the new one on and worked okay except it would not complete the final spin. It would start to spin but would not go into fast spin. I tried a couple more times and...
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    GE Profile first doesn't wash properly, sometimes drains, then overflows

    I moved into the house that has this dishwasher a few months ago, it's been working perfectly. A few days ago it started not cleaning properly. Soap was still left in the dispenser and sometimes water didn't seem to be cycling at all. I poured some water in to try to dislodge any gunk if...
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    DPVH880EJ3MG Profile Dryer Shuts off before clothes are dry

    I've spent the better part of two days trying to figure out what's up with this thing. My GE Profile dryer will sometimes work just fine and other times will shut down before the drying is complete. When it acts up it happens in both timed and sensor dry modes. It won't restart until it's...
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    How to fix wide swinging refer door

    Our semi-built-in, GE Profile refer door swings too wide automatically and HARD. The refer and cabinet are scratched from it. What I've found searching so far addresses models whose hinges look different than ours. I'm looking for full instructions on replacing whatever part has failed.
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    GE SxS stopped cooling on both sides

    About two weeks ago things started to feel softer in the freezer, and then over the last few days, everything was just not as cold. Checked the freezer fan, that's working. i can hear the compressor, but not sure about function. I shut it down, and completely defrosted the machine...
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    JB968BH2BB GE Profile Range Convection Issue

    I have a GE Profile Range, Model JB968 and are having issues using the convection mode for the oven. If using bake, the oven heats and holds temps. If using convection, the oven will heat, sometimes to the temp, other times lower but it does not hold the temp. I do not see any glow from the...
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    Baby it's cold inside!

    I've had an issue for a number of years with the refrigerator being too cold regardless of control setting. Veg would freeze in crisper. I've never taken the time to address the issue (my bad). Now my ice maker keeps freezing over at the dispenser side. It's making ice fine but the ice will...
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    GE Profile refrigerator 88 deg F, freezer fine

    Came home to a refrigerator that felt like opening an oven. Initially, the lights were out and it seemed as though refrigerator had no power; freezer was functioning fine. Pressed the "rapid cool" and temp down arrows and lights came on, thermostat read 88 degrees (butter was liquid and...
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    GE Profile Side by Side PS25NGNAWW Loud fan noise

    I have a GE Fridge and the fan (sounds like the freezer side) is louder than normal. It almost sounds like it is rattling. The temperature is fine but it does seem to be happening more frequently and more loudly. It's been going on for several months now. Is this something I should be...
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    GE Profile not getting cold enough

    Hello, I have a 7 year old GE Profile PCF25MGWACC and the refrigerator only gets around 44-46 degrees even though the temp is set as low as it will go (34 degrees). This has been a problem for the last few weeks and I have tried a lot of the trouble shooting steps others have had. The...
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    No compressor function? GE Profile Refrigerator

    Found freezer door cracked open and thawed, no compressor noise, interior lights work, no cold in either freezer or refrigerator.
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    Ge profile fridge PSCS5RGXAFSS fresh food not cooling

    My refrigerator fresh food side is not cooling below 45 degrees. Freezer side hangs around 5-10 degrees. Things I have checked: No frost on either side coils. Both compartment fans are working. Compressor runs and gets warm. Condensor fan runs. Is there an easy way to check the...

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