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    GFE29HSDGSS GE Refrigerator Randomly Dispensing Water

    Hi all. Model No. GFE29HSDGSS GE fridge water dispenser will randomly run multiple times a day. So far the main control board has been replaced, the front control board has been replaced as well as the water inlet valves. The lines have been swapped to confirm it wasn't the ice maker filling...
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    PFSS5RKZASS GE Refrigerator stopped dispensing water after Master Control Board was replaced

    After I replaced the Master Control Board in my PFSS5RKZASS GE Refrigerator, the water dispenser stopped dispensing water. Here's the rub... I am in Florida caring for my ailing father while my wife and two 20-something kids are in Richmond. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Jim cc...
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    GSS25GSHBCSS GE Refrigerator - fridge side too cold, freezer too warm

    Hi guys, I have a 4yr old GE side-by-side that I'm about to give up on after many attempts of trying to fix it. The problem is that the freezer side won't go below 20 and the fridge side stays at 30 (checked with real thermometer) even though the temp is set to 0 for the freezer and 37 for the...
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    PFS22SISBSS Should I repair or replace 10 year old fridge?

    Serial # TL041767-- There was a problem, fridge hot. Cleaned and vacuumed the back an underneath area. Called and had service man replace relay switch ($135) last month. It was not cooling at all. Had herad it trying to "click on" but then stopping. Fridge ran well after the installation. But...