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    GSE25HMHBHES Condenser Fan not running. Strip between side by side doors very hot to touch

    Okay, so I have determined that my ge refrigerator's condenser fan is not working and it has caused my freezer (which is set to 0 degrees) to run warm (15 degrees) and feel very hot to the touch between doors. I have tested the supply voltage on the mother board and it was reading 13.6 which...
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    Ge water line keeps freezing up

    My GE side by side model gsh25jsxss refrigerator freezer's water line has frozen up two days in a row. I have a GE service tech coming out on Tuesday but have read techs are saying new doors cost $500. This seems to be an extremely common problem online and I'm wondering why this wouldn't be...
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    Electrical diagram - defroster isn't working correctly

    just bought a house and it came with a GE refrigerator from the previous owner. Model #TFX20JRBEWW. the defroster isn't working correctly and the coils ice over. im looking for a wiring diagram, but cant seem to find one. the original one is LONG gone. any suggestions?
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    FIXED Ice despencer despenses too much ice and clogs in ice chute

    My ice despencer despenses too much ice and ice get clogged in the ice chute in the freezer door. The light bulb in the door above the ice and water despencer keeps blowing. This is a GE side by side refrigerator that is 17 years old.
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    GE side by side frosting over

    I have a GE side by side. Last week I noticed the back of the freezer was frosted over. I removed the back panel and discovered the coils were frosted and iced over. I called a repair company and they said the defrost heater needed to be replaced. I found it online for a lot cheaper than they...