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    GFW550SSN0WW Ultra fresh GE washer just stopped working

    Model # GFW550SSN0WW Roughly right at two years old, yesterday it just stopped working. Fills with water, will do a couple slow spins, makes a weird humming noise like it’s struggling & then says End and turns off. It’s showing code 70 for the inverter. I just need help knowing what to do next...
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    FIXED GE Washer Spins For a Few Seconds then Stops GFW550SSN0WW

    Hey Everyone! Our GE front load washer Model#GFW550SSN0WW started acting up yesterday after washing some bedding. This washer is 1.5 years old :mad:. We put the next load in and we came back down and it was still soaked. So I tried an extra spin, and then tried starting it over. Nope...
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    GE Washer GTW220ACK7WW only spins for a second

    So it started with no power on this top washer because something on the board had blown and had black stuff all over the board so I replaced the board and programmed it per instructions and now when I go to do a wash cycle it fills like it’s supposed to then goes to wash and will start to...
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    FIXED Hotpoint Washer HTW200ASK0WW making a scraping / squeaking noise when agitating

    Hi, had it for an year (bought used) and just started making this noise. Thanks for your help. Corrected model number
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    GTW490ACJ0WW GE Washer Top Load UI Software ERROR CODE

    Hello, GE Washer Model, GTW490ACJ0WW Serial Number MF171362G Im getting UI Software error code (4) and NO other codes when doing Consumer Mode. What does this mean? and how to fix it? Robbie
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    FIXED GE Washer GTW680BSJ5WS Lid Switch

    My GE top load washer currently will not complete a cycle, and it's throwing an error code 23 (Critical Lid Lock) after attempting a cycle. Some backstory: The washer previously developed an issue with the lid switch, but I figured out that a screwdriver inserted just right into the lid switch...
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    FIXED WPSF4170W0WW How do I get the timer knob off?

    I just bought a used GE Harmony washer. The outer knob doesn't turn the inner knob - in other words, you need to turn the collar to set the cycle, then use the outer knob to push it in or pull it out. I can probably repair it myself or just buy a new knob, but how do you get it off? I image it...
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    GTWP1800DWW GE Washer Mode Shifter Energizing

    I have a GE washer, model GTWP1800DWW. The mode shifter coil was bad in it, so I opened it up and replaced the thermal fuse inside. I cleared the error code for the mode shifter (4 flashes) on the washer. Now when I plug the washer...
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    GFWN1100 GE washer E54

    My ge washer GFWN1100 starts to fill with water and slightly starts to spin then stops. The water then drains out and the pump or motor sounds for 4 more minutes until everything stops. The cycle starts at 58 minutes and it stops at 54 minutes. I ran it on service mode and got an E54. The Manuel...
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    FIXED GE GTWN4950L0WS Top Load Washer won't agitate or spin.

    I have a GE washer, model GTWN4950L0WS that has stopped agitating and spinning. The washer fills fine but when it gets to the wash cycle it just sits there silently and does nothing. No sounds or hint of it attempting to do anything. After awhile it progresses to the next step and drains. When...
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    FIXED GHWN4250D1WW GE Top load washer - load noise during agitation, tub move L-R/R-L violently.

    Recently, this GE Top loader washer, GHWN4250D1WW, began making really loud noises during the agitation cycle. I pulled the front panel off and ran the unit. During the agitation cycle the whole drum and motor assembly repeatedly rotates to the left and then right. It Looks to me like the motor...
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    GE Top Loading Washer Loud Squealing during spin cycle

    My GE Top Loading washer is making a very loud squealing noise during the spin cycle. It sounds very similar to this video: Washing machine noise? Squealing, screeching, whining GE washer spin cycle - YouTube What is causing it to make this noise? Also, how difficult of a repair would this be...
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    FIXED WCVH6260H0WW GE Front-Load Washer Won't Start/Won't go to Service Control Panel

    Hello! I was hoping someone could give me some leads on a problem my washer is having. This washer is newer to me (we purchased it used), so I don't know how it is suppose to sound and work and I'm confused by the symptoms. First, when we start the washer, it makes 6 buzz sounds that are coming...
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    GE Top Load Washer Drum - does it need a Shock Absorber or the Dampning Strap replacemen

    Hi, I have read many threads on this forum and was able to fix my GE washer which was making loud thumping noise due to the drum being off balance. The issue was the shock absorber and the Drum was getting off from 1 or 2 of the three absorber. We were able to put it back by screwing the shock...
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    FIXED GE Washer #WJRE5500G0WW, gets stuck between Wash and spin cycle

    GE Washer #WJRE5500G0WW, gets stuck between Wash and spin cycle! My GE top loading washer will run fine through the wash cycle, the water will drain but the control dial stops here (at the rinse cycle). It makes a very slight humming noise at the dial. I can manually move the dial to the spin...
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    WJSR2080T6WW GE washer will agitate but not spin

    I washed a load of clothes and when the washer was done I noticed the clothes were still very wet. They weren't pressed up against the side of the washer either. There was also a burnt smell in the washer. The next time I washed the clothes the same thing happend. I ran the washer with the...
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    GE Profile Washing Machine makes noise right before rinse cycle

    Please help! My GE Quality Product Spacemaker Laundry washer/dryer combo (the washer) has been making a high-pitch whirling noise right before the rinse cycle for about 10 seconds and then the noise stops. Then towards the end of the spin cycle it again makes the same noise for another 10...
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    FIXED GE Washer Not spinning clothes dry or dispensing fabric softener

    I have a GE Washer WBSR3140G2WW. Recently it got off balance and literally jumped around. Every since then, about 90% of the time, the spin cycle does not ring clothes out nor dispense the fabric softener from the top resevoir. I will then have to run the rinse/spin cycle again and that will...
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    GE washer won't stop filling up. Overflows.

    I opened the back panel and saw the tube going from the S-M-L dial to somewhere down behind the tub. I disconnected the top end of the tube and was able to blow air through it (though not as clear as a straw). I poured some vinegar in also and let it set. I have been unable to find any...
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