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    GE Refrigerator GNE25JMKGFES Evap coil iced up, can't verify Evap thermistor at main board

    Hello everyone! I have a 2 year old GE GNE25JMKGFES French Door style unit. We just moved in so I unfortunately don't have any history on it. The freezer/evap fan started getting louder than normal (and seemed to run constantly), it then started speed changing/pulsing every few seconds (between...
  2. C

    Help! Purchasing a French door refrigerator. French door analysis paralysis

    I am purchasing a French door refrigerator. I like the idea of dual ice makers. Any suggestions? I am not buying another Samsung and am scared of Lg too. It’s took a gander at whirlpool wrf76sdhz. GE gfe28gynfs and Frigidaire lghb2869tf. I have analysis paralysis and the bad reviews are scaring...
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    1950 GE combination fridge wiring problem - Model NH-10-GC

    Hey guys i am having a problem with my 1950 GE combination fridge. My problem is that the fridge will turn on and get cold and the freezer will get down to -15F if i let it. But the compressor wont shut off. I have already replaced the condenser fan and freezer control trying to fix problem...
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    DRSR483ED1WW Replaced GE felt now dryer turns off after 1-2mins

    Hi, I read a similar old thread where the reassembly of the front panel wasn’t correct and caused the same issue but I don’t quite understand how they fixed it, so forgive me If you’ve heard this one before... Replaced felt today, reassembled, ran to test and it starts fine, heats, then turns...
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    1960’s GE Wall Oven J720T3BR Not Working

    Hi! When I moved into my house the oven worked great! One day while turning it on, it popped and won’t heat up now... nor does the orange power light come on 😩 Here is the model number and a picture for reference. Please help if possible I would love to restore this beauty, and not have to...
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    FUF14SVERWW GE Upright Freezer Not Cold

    I like to fix things myself when I can, but even with the resources on the internet still have to turn to the pros for answers from time to time. I have a freezer that was chilling our food, as all good freezers should. Then one day it decided to go on strike and we lost most of what was in it...
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    WPSR3100W0WW Agitator will only spin when washer is empty

    I have a GE washing machine that came with my house (unsure as to its age). I noticed recently that the agitator was barely moving. I replaced the agitator coupler with no success (the old one honestly was in pretty good shape). Both the top and bottom are failing to rotate, so the problem isn't...
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    Need Help locating Burner Switches For Vintage 1960 Hotpoint Electric Range

    Model Number: 107RC65-A Brand: Hotpoint Age: More than 10 years :wall: Hello. I'm hoping someone here can help. My 89 year old mother has had this turquoise Hotpoint electric Range since my father and her bought their home in 1962, and to the viewing eye it looks immaculate. But only one of...
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    GE XL1800 turntable won't turn

    Our over-the-oven GE microwave turntable has stopped turning. Will manually turn with some resistance. What should we try to address this issue? Thanks!
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    Ice Despencer keeps defrosting

    This is a side / side fridge/freezer with an ice dispencer. The ice dispecer defrost and I need to put a tray under the box. When it freezes again the dispencer freezes in place. Both the fridge and freezer temps fluctuate from the set temp. Any Ideas? Thanks
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    Another GE SBS Cooling / Coil Issue

    By previous posts I see I'm not the only one with this issue. I did see some SBS's similar, but needed to make sure I've diagnosed this. The def. heater tests at 0 when continuity is checked. Did not check the def. thermostat as It is still connected and did not want to pull out. Have heard...
  12. Jake

    GE Dryer Repair Manual

    For Models: DBVH512 DCVH515 DHDVH52 Jake