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    1939 Hotpoint Refrigerator model CE-2-B16

    Needing to replace wiring on 1939 Hotpoint Refrigerator. Cat No 320EC640, Model # (?) CE-2-B16 Would like to try keeping original parts (relay & condenser motor) if somehow can obtain a diagram of how wiring is placed within the condenser fan motor (5K51AL1). If original parts are recommended...
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    Need help & advice/ 1939 General Electric fridge/ B6-39-A

    Hello all, I'm a newbie to this forum, and I'm looking for some advice. Last weekend, I bought an immaculate vintage fridge, still in working order. It's a 1939 General Electric 6 cu ft refrigerator. Model number is B6-39-A. (I have seen this type of fridge described as a "CF," but I am not...