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    1961 Mark 27 J-620 drop in stove part out

    Model Number: J-620 I renovated this apartment, so upgraded this functioning range. Every part worked, but the clock and rear left burner, so i can't say for certain that the accompanying bank of switches for that burner work. I also have the long cable that connected the oven to the control...
  2. K

    FIXED DDT595SMJ0ES UI Board Part Number Confirmation

    I am having trouble with my User Interface Board, it is unresponsive and the main control board has a STEADY ON green LED. I have found a couple of posts with similar symptoms: Post 78436 and post 80234. I still need to perform the measurements recommended by these posts to confirm the board is...
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    Vintage GE Electric Stove Age?

    I just bought a 40 inch 4 burner stove, I am having trouble find a manufacture date. I have looked by serial number and model number with no luck. Model Number J426006 WH 11 Serial Number SM 155036 I have searched on the GE website and tried to find a date of manufacture but the date given by...
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    Vintage 1940s GE fridge running too cold

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased what I believe to be a 1940s (1930s?) GE Fridge. We replaced the power cord as it was broken. The first week we had it, the fridge was running a good temp although the freezer wouldn't keep things frozen, (that was okay with us). Now a few weeks later the...
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    TPX24PBBAWW GE Refrigerator Single Solenoid Water Inlet Valve

    Hi All...It has been awhile since I have had an appliance issue. You were all so kind to assist in the past and thank you all for that. This is my issue: I have a rather older GE Refrigerator model number TPX24PBBAWW. My Single Solenoid water inlet valve has a cracked casing and therefore leaks...
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    CYE22TSHPSS GE Cafe fridge is at 68 degrees and the temperature is not dropping.

    I have a GE Cafe fridge - model CYE22TSHPSS It's about 3 years old. The freezer is fine. The fridge is at 68 degrees and the temperature is not dropping. How would I know if the problem is for sure the evaporator fan? I did take off the inside back and i dont see much ice build up..
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    GE Wall Oven JRP03G007BG faulty heating element replaced, bake no longer working.

    We have a GE wall oven that is having some issues. From what I could find I'm assuming this model is from the 1980's. The serial number is LR648735 G. We moved into our home about two years ago and this is the original oven that came with the house. We have not had any issues (besides...
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    GE Monogram Trivection Wall Oven ZET3038SH3SS Removing Oven Door

    Hi, everyone, I'm trying to remove the oven door because I want to clean it but do not want to use the self-clean option as I am deadly afraid of it. I have seen that it is pretty easy to remove, but mine has a type of screwed-in latch to hold the hinges, so I'm not sure whether I can remove...
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    GE JGSP28BEK2BB oven not lighting

    Hi, all -- My daughter has a fairly new-looking GE JGSP28BEK2BB (serial no AL2 29042 Q but I don't see a mfr date) whose oven suddenly won't light. The range top works fine, the display indicates normal rather than Sabbath mode, and even the broiler lights, so I suspect the main oven igniter...
  10. Appliantology

    FIXED GTW460ASJ4WW GE washer will run 10 seconds, then shuts off the control

    The unit will run for about 10 seconds (sensing and spinning) then shuts off the control and quickly shuts on again but remains idle. I suspect the hall sensor is bad, but can not find any specifications on the part. part #WH12X26329 Thanks in advance!
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    GUAP270EM2WW GE Washer - Won't Agitate or Spin

    Hey everyone, First time poster here. This week, my stacked GE laundry unit stopped working. That is, the washer fills up with water, the timer makes a clicking noise once it's filled (after this clicking type noise is when it would usually start agitating), then drains, then the motor kicks...
  12. B

    WASE5210B2WW GE Washer Shakes Drum and Makes Loud Noise During Agitation

    The washer makes a loud (grinding?) noise and shakes the drum during agitation only. If I hold the drum more stable, the noise is reduced. Spin is good, no noise no shake. I opened the front and found some black dust/greasy stuff in the bottom of the pan. Any ideas? Thanks for the help! I...
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    GSE25HGHBHBB water dispenser problems (GE side by side), using MWF filter

    On this GSE25HGHBHBB refrigerator, about 3 years old, I have changed the water filter every 6 months as required. After the latest filter change, the water began coming out slowly in the following fashion: when depressing the water dispenser button, the water comes out slower than on the last...
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    GE WBVH5300K0WW won't complete cycle

    Having an issue with my GE washer completing cycles. If I choose any wash cycle, it will usually (though not always) dispense water + detergent and begin tumbling the load normally, but at some point it will stop, drain the water, and then the Start/Pause light will blink and the washer does...
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    General Electric model TBG24JAXGRWW Dimensions

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the external dimensions of the GE TBG24JAXGRWW are? Thanks!
  16. J

    GTDX200EM1WW GE dryer vibration while running

    GE residential dryer. Odd vibration when running. I have replaced the rear bearing which did not solve the problem. front bearing has been replaced recently. Idler pulley and tensioner and Rod appear to be in good shape. There is somewhere and cracking on the rubber mounts for the motor...
  17. D

    FIXED GDT655SSJ0SS Dishwasher Won't Start - Beeps Three Times

    Yesterday, I went to start my dishwasher, shut the door and, instead of starting, it just beeped three times. I cancelled it and tried again and nothing. Just three beeps. I tried to follow the steps on this older thread...
  18. L

    WPGT9360E0PL Harmony stuck on "My Cycles" screen

    Hello, I have had my GE Harmony washer for many years with no problems. However, today its started acted up. The washer is stuck on the "My Cycles" screen, and beeping randomly, maybe an average of twice every 5 minutes, but with no pattern. Any time we manage to get it on another screen (which...
  19. M

    GTWN4250D1WS GE washer not draining

    I have a GE top load washer, model number GTWN4250D1WS, that isn’t draining properly and it just started recently. I have already tried replacing the drain hose with no luck. I’ve also noticed that the cup for the fabric softener isn’t draining either. Any advice would be appreciated.
  20. T

    GLDL560N10SS GE Quietpower 3 does not start

    Hello everyone, I have a GE Quietpower 3 that will not fill with water after pressing start. I have attempted to reset and it does not even go into a drain cycle, so I am ruling out the water valve. The buttons and lights all seem to work, but just does not start. What would be the most likely...

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