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    Rattling noise coming from bottom of side-by-side GE refrigerator

    In the last few weeks I've noticed a rattling noise coming from underneath the fridge, whenever it starts up. The rattling noise eventually tapers off, but the duration of the noise can be anywhere from 3-5 minutes. It also seems that maybe the noise is getting louder over time. The fridge is...
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    FIXED GE side-by-side fridge/freezer not cooling

    Hello everyone. My 11 year old GE side-by-side suddenly stopped cooling yesterday, and I can't figure out why. I'll lay out what I've found while running diagnostics: The condenser fan and interior lights are on, but the compressor isn't kicking on. When measured between ground and the...
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    GE Fridge, Model A3316ABSARWW making horrible sound.

    This fridge has a few problems.. Recently there seems to be a problem with the fan in the freezer. Sometimes it doesn't move. Is it supposed to be spinning all the time? Anyway I thought it was so I gave it a whirl with a stick and it started moving again. Seems to stop every now and then even...
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    GE Washer only spins when empty but not when clothes are in it

    GE Washer spins when empty but when clothes are in it, then it won't spin. Sometimes you can see the clutch spinning and other times it isn't. Clip on bottom of clutch/pully will spin though.
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    GE Range Self-Clean Timer Electical Contact Replacement

    Hi, My GE range will not go into self-clean mode. I believe the problem part is the bimetalic electrical contacts mounted on the back of the oven timer. The part has two electrical contact strips; one for self-clean mode and one for timed bake mode. The self-clean mode contact strip appears...
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    One and a half year old dishwasher not filling

    I have a one and a half year old GE GDWF100RBB dishwasher that is not filling with water. The shut off at the wall is fully open. Hot water flows to the kitchen faucet fine. What can we do to fix this problem?
  7. Q

    GE Arctica Side By Side just died?

    Hi All...love the forum. This is our 2nd fridge. Great fridge all the bells and whistles. Purch new from Lowe's however 10 years and 2 months later ( compressor has 10 year warrantee ) the entire fridge ( computer readouts on display panel inlcuded ) is dead minus the light. Anyway to easily...
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    GE refrigerator and freezer help

    Hello everyone We have had this refrigerator for about five years and up till now we have had no major problems, but now the refrigerator seem to never stop running and the thermostat say it is at 37 for the fridge and 0 degrees for the freezer. The fridge is freezing all of the items in it like...

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