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    DB100PW Gibson Dishwasher Needs New Link Kit / Door Spring?

    Anyone with help on this older model Gibson dishwasher ? Service Manual, place to order replacement parts, etc. Google is a dead end. Door falls to floor because link kit needs to be replaced or spring broke.
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    Gibson/Nordyne Furnace KG6RC-040C-12A won't power up

    My furnace keeps turning off and losing power to the control board. The control board lights are off. One time I cycled the power and it powered up. Haven't been able to do that since. So, I replaced the transformer which worked, but it started happening again a week after the replacement...
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    Gibson Fridge/Freezer not getting cold and other problems.

    I have a Gibson (Frigidaire) SxS that was manufactured in 2001. It's been having multiple problems lately, but the most severe is that both the Freezer and Refrigerators have stopped getting/staying cold. The Freezer hovers around 35f on the coldest setting and the Fridge hovers around 60f on...