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    LCE3610SB No Response from LG Glass Cooktop Controls

    Cooked top worked Sunday morning (for bacon, eggs and pancakes). Come lunch time, no response from control panel. Cleaned it thoroughly to ensure it wasn't a contact/conduction issue. The panel doesn't even go through reset cycle when the breaker is toggled. There is power at the whip wires. I...
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    FEF336BGWD Replacing an inner glass door

    Can any plate glass of the same thickness and rectangular dimensions be substituted for the interior oven door glass?
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    YKESC308LS0 Honeycomb like texture developing under touch panel glass

    A honeycomb like texture is forming under the glass of the touch panel area of my Kitchenaid Superba oven. When I first noticed it, it was limited to a small square area of the display and has now extended to the full area of the oven display and the clock display. Initially it didn't affect any...
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    Kenmore/LG Microwave Door Glass Replacement

    I'm trying to find a door glass replacement for my Kenmore Microwave model #721.63683300. The part is #4890W1A030K... However... This part is no longer available from the manufacturer according to 3 on-line parts stores that I've tried to order it from. also says not...